By Leslie

Notes: Something Spooky, I was going to wait until the October Holiday. But decided for any early Halloween story.

It is mid-morning, the town of Four Corners already alive with activity, people coming and going littering the town with business and greetings. A young woman rides into town she is tall, slender, with light brown curly hair. Her light brown eyes show the weariness of the last three days traveling the desert, which her tan skin reflects the outdoor life she has been accustomed too. She has never visited Four Corners before. But has traveled in the Colorado territory; however, never realizing how large this new town had become. It has been a few years since last she pass through and these days a lot can change.

She stops in front of the bank, dismounting and tying her horse. Walking up to the boardwalk she bumps into another person headed also to the bank, turning, only to see the surprise look of a familiar face. “Mary Cavanaugh?”

Her friend, approximately the same age, but opposite in appearance: light complexion, pale green eyes, and hair as gold as the sun. Mary also looking at the woman, who just bumps into her, cannot believe her eyes. “Miranda Cross!” Both smile and embrace one another. “How many years has it been?”

“Too many, but look at you, all grown up. What are you doing way out west? Last I saw you, you were in pig tails.” Miranda had grown up back east; she never knew her parents and met Mary quite by accident, she and her mother had often visited the orphanage where she grew up. Bringing food, doing volunteer work and raising money for the school. Miranda had grown very fond of Mary and her mother.

After a while both women lost track of one another, Mary left for college had married Steven Travis, a man she had fallen in love with. Miranda never had the chance to meet him, who was killed a year earlier. “Oh, a lot has happen since then, will you be in town long?”

“I wasn’t planning, but now seeing you. I think I can manage a few additional days.” Miranda after her 18th birthday left the orphanage and developed a unique talent for tracking and became a bounty hunter. “You headed to the bank?”

“Yes.” Mary replied.

“So am I.” As both ladies head towards the bank, entering, Mary is roughly pulled in, behind her Miranda notices they’ve walked right in the middle of a hold up.

“Alright ladies, just take it easy and no one gets hurt.” The other customers inside all have their hands up, hoping they’ll get out of this unscathed. Miranda spies both men and manages to disarm one and holds her gun towards the other. Reflexes so fast they astonish both gunmen. Unfortunately, there is a third gunman she was unaware of, taking Mary as a hostage.

“Nice moves, now turnaround and put the weapon down.” As Miranda begins to turn placing her gun on the tellers’ counter, the man holding Mary is also a familiar face.

“Will? What the hell is going on?” Miranda a few years ago brought in Will Jenkins for bank robbery, it took a couple days to bring him to the nearest jail, during that time she got to know him. Told her the circumstances for the robberies, during his sentence she had vouched for him, reducing his term. He promised her upon his release that he would go straight. Looks like he lied.

He laughs and is surprise, “Miranda, seems like old times.” The tall slender man, with soft brown eyes, an alluring glare and a sweet smile replied. How she wonders could she had been so wrong about this man. He moves to the front of the bank, looking out to make sure no other interruption occurs. “Boys take your guns and let’s get the hell out.” The two gunmen take their weapons pointing at Miranda and the other patrons. All head outside with Will holding Mary tightly.

Across the bank Chris and Vin, two of the seven lawmen, protecting Four Corners are walking by and notice three men coming out with Mary in tow. Both run with guns drawn. “Hold it right there.” Chris, leader of these men, is ready to tear this man apart if any harm should come to Mary.

Jenkins looks at the two men, “'fraid not boys, drop your weapons or the little lady just might get hurt.” Chris and Vin hold there positions, while the other gunmen head for their horses, seeing that they have the upper hand. Just then Ezra Standish another protector, is walking by and notices the commotion in front of the bank. He too draws his weapon and runs for Mary; he doesn’t see Chris and Vin. However, one of the assailants sees him and fires hitting him in the shoulder. Chris’ face changes from anger to fear, up until a few weeks ago he’d learn that Ezra was Sarah’s half brother. Their father abandoned both children years before. This news had prompted Chris to take on a more brotherly responsibility towards the resident gambler, and seeing Ezra get hit, causes Chris to feel a pain in his cut he hasn’t felt in a long time.

Before anything else happens a crash is heard, as the window from the bank is shattered and a rather large animal flies through. Jenkins still holding onto Mary turns with gun in hand, ready to shoot, he is unprepared as he sees a rather large beast approach. Mary then grabs his hand and Jenkins fires wildly in the air and loses his hold. Mary falls to the ground, the beast jumps, catching Jenkins with one motion and rips his throat, killing him instantly.

All those on the street are horrified; Vin manages to jump the two men still on horses that are looking at the animal that just killed their leader. They fall to the ground; Ezra haphazardly gets up to assist Vin while Chris draws his gun, to fire at the beast. But at that moment Mary gets up and jumps to the animals rescue, the beast does nothing, letting Mary hold onto its neck as she yells, “Chris don’t shoot!”

Chris is stun; fear then replaces his emotion as Mary still clings to the wolf. He approaches Mary slowly; the animal makes no move to attack merely remains still and looks straight into the steely green eyes of Chris Larabee. He tries to pull Mary away but she won’t release her hold. She looks at Chris with her pale green eyes, “please Chris don’t hurt her.”

Chris puts his gun away, “alright Mary.” He lifts Mary slowly and she embraces him relieved not for herself, rather for the wolf, that just saved her. Chris releases Mary, “are you alright?”

She nodes her head and embraces him again. Then a concern look, “Chris we have to get Starr off the street, before anyone else tries to hurt her.”

Chris looks over to Vin and Ezra, and then sees JD and Buck running to them. “Vin get those men behind bars, JD help him. Buck you get Ezra over to Nathan take care of that wound.”

Buck sees the wolf in the middle of the street, “what about that?” Looking over at the animal.

“Mary and I will take care of the animal, you see to Ezra.” Buck nods his head and helps Ezra while Vin and JD take the two gunmen. They’ll inform the undertaker about the dead man after they secure the other two outlaws.

As Mary and Chris enter the Clarion newspaper he sits Mary down. “Alright what’s going on?” With his hard cold green eyes staring at her, Mary knows if she continues to look at him she’d have to tell him the truth but the truth was not hers to tell. “Chris, please don’t ask me, can we please talk later?” She looks at him, and then places a comforting hand on the animal.

None of this made much sense, trusting Mary; however, he lets it go for now. “Alright Mary, but I don’t feel right leaving the animal with you.”

Smiling up to him she replies, “I promise you, she will not hurt me.” He tips his hat and walks out the door headed to the clinic to check on Ezra.

Mary leads the wolf back to her room; she cleans the blood from the wolf’s mouth. Then suddenly a transformation begins to happen; slowly the sound of bones cracking, skin stretching and shifting, as well as hair residing, flesh becomes visible.

Where once stood a wolf, now lays a woman. Her features strain from the change, yellow wild eyes the last remaining reflection of the wolf, suddenly turn back to light brown ones, she smiles to see her friend is all right. “Mary!” She slowly gets up, notices her naked body, Mary already with a blanket in hand.

“Are you alright Miranda?”

“I should be asking you that?” She walks over to the window and sees the dead man on the street shaking her head; “he was once a good friend. He promised he’d never break the law again.” She turns back to Mary and sees the question on her face. “No one saw me change, the bank patrons were too busy in gross with the events outside. I’ll have to retrieve my cloths and guns later.”

Mary finally found her voice, “it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen Starr, and she took me by surprise.” Mary smiled at Miranda and both embraced, no matter how often she’d seen the change, it never ceased to amaze her. “I don’t know what to tell the others? I don’t wish to lie to them, nor to reveal your secret.”

“It’s okay, I’ll stay awhile then leave, we’ll just tell them the wolf belongs to me. It won’t be lying too much.”

Nearly fifteen years ago when Miranda had just turned thirteen she had gone through a change; it first happen during the first full moon. Since then she was able to change at will. Always retaining memories, until the wolf and her became as one. Soon they both merged. Each feeling how the other felt. Also remembering faces and different scents. Starr remembered Mary the same way Miranda did. But though they were of one mind and body their personalities, soul’s were/are separate.

There would be long periods of time when Starr preferred to appear. It was hard for her, most wolves by nature are social creatures and each family is structured according to rank. Always during these times she’d often try to integrate her self with a pack, but most packs would not accept her, they sense she was different and usually stayed away from her. So whenever the wolf came, she’d hunt and live on her own.


While upstairs in Nathan’s clinic, working diligently on the gambler’s shoulder, taking the bullet out, Ezra then sighs with relief; “your bedside manners leave much to be desire Mr. Jackson.” Ezra smiles showing off his gold tooth.

“Well Ezra next time try to avoid getting shot and we won’t have to go through this again.” Nathan replies through a smirking smile.

“Unfortunately Mr. Jackson, that is sometimes easier said then done.” Since joining the seven, the gambler has received several injuries. But Nathan has always been there; ready to lend his services.

Just then Chris walks in, “how’s he doing.” Trying hard not to show concern, he knows how uncomfortable it makes Ezra. Ezra’s past childhood left him leery on the sincerity of anyone placing any concern for his well-being. He was still getting use to Chris becoming overly protective of him.

“He’ll live.” Looking at Ezra, “but he’s going to have to stay in bed.” They all laugh, something Ezra hates to do, especially when there’s money to be made.

Buck then looks at his long time friend, “Chris, where did the wolf come from?”

He looks at Buck, “don’t know, Mary didn’t want to say.” His face usually without expression seems to reflect great concern something, which both Buck and Ezra notice.

After Nathan finishes dressing Ezra’s wound, he looks to Chris, “wolf? What are you talking about?”

Chris doesn’t answer, leaving Ezra who had witness the events to explain, “well it seems Mrs. Travis was rescued by a rather large wolf, when Mrs. Travis saw Chris about to shoot the beast, Mary returned the favor and rescued it.”

Nathan turns to Chris, “is Mrs. Travis alright?”

Chris answers this time, “she seems to be, but you better check on her.” Hoping that maybe Nathan might be able to find out more information. Mary’s known him longer and even knew her husband. She might be more forthcoming with him.

“All right, I’ll leave you gentlemen to make sure Ezra gets some rest.” Turning to look at Standish, “and if I see you gambling, I will have to hog tie you to this bed. Understand?”

Ezra remembering the last time he ignored Nathan’s orders and indeed ended up hog-tied, “of course Mr. Jackson.” He sure doesn’t want a repeat of that day. Buck chuckles, Chris ignores the remarks, concern for Mary still on his mind.

Nathan leaves the clinic and walks over to the Clarion, along the way he sees Josiah, who heard about the attempted bank robbery. “Brother Nathan where you headed?”

“Over to the Clarion, to check on Mrs. Travis.”

“Mind if I tag along, heard about what happen, Mary must be quite upset.” Both men walk the rest of the way in silence. As if each has another secret, another reason why they are headed to the Clarion.

Miranda finished dressing, borrowing one of Mary’s dresses. She heads downstairs where Mary is working, writing about the day’s events for tomorrow’s news. Right now Mary is wondering, how funny, that one of those stories would involve her.

When Miranda reaches the front, Nathan and Josiah are just entering and both look at the woman approaching them and are astonish with recognition, “MIRANDA!!”

Miranda is surprise to see two additional faces. She had always believed that this country called America was large with full of unexplored regions. Now; however, she is beginning to wonder, that maybe she is wrong. A smile creases her face as Mary watches the look on all three people; she has come to know as friends.

“Nathan, Josiah, how in heavens name…!” She leaves her astonishment unspoken. Embracing instead, two additional friends, she is very happy to see.

Mary is the one who asks; “the three of you know each other?”

Nathan looks over to Mary smiling, “we met during the Civil War, she rescued my regiment who was trap behind enemy lines.”

Josiah also answers, “I met Miranda in San Francisco.” His look; although happy, is shadowed with sadness. A moment of silence passes through the room, but only for a moment.

The next response is left to Miranda. Smiling at her three friends, “Mary and I were headed over to the restaurant for lunch, would you gentlemen like to join us?” Looking at both with great expectations. They nod their heads. “Great, is that all right with you Mary?”

“Of course, I’m interested to hear about the events that brought you together,” Together all four head over to the restaurant, to talk about old times.


Traveling along the boarder, between Mexico and Texas, crossing the Rio Grande, three riders dressed in black dismount. They have been riding from Boston for almost a month. On the trail of a killer, a beast that changes during the full moon from human to wolf. These men had received a wire from Missouri, rumors really, a witness claimed to have seen a woman change into a wolf. It had dragged her daughter into the woods; no remains were found, the child believed to have perished.

These men were quickly dispatched to hunt and kill the creature. They belong to a secret society known as the Legacy. A society that investigates strange occurrences. The trail seems to be leading them further west, now crossing into Colorado.

They will travel to Four Corners, where a former associate of the Legacy resides. Jason Alexander, leader of the Boston house had worked with Josiah’s father in San Francisco.

Before his death, their had been a rife between father and son, which prompted Josiah to leave the Legacy and the San Francisco house. After the funeral Jason had offered Josiah the opportunity to return, but he refused and nothing more was said. Jason thought; it would be good, to see an old familiar face.

* * * * * * *

We find our four friends, in the restaurant talking of old times and catching up on events since they last saw each other. “You are the only three living souls, that know my secret. That I am a werewolf; it’s amazing that the three of you, ended up in the same town.”

“I can’t believe it myself. How long have you been back from Europe?” Mary asks.

“Oh, about four months now. I left for Romania, in search, rumors really of other werewolves. What I found, was that in every species, there seems to be good and evil. The werewolves I found were less then hospitable. I don’t mind telling you it was quite disappointing.”

Josiah’s look of concern prompts, his question, “how were these creatures different from you?”

“Mainly because, they seem to change only on the full moon and prefer to kill other humans for food.” All remained quiet; Josiah’s thoughts went back to the time, when he belonged to a society, full of dark secrets. He shudders to think what might happen to Miranda, if his former associates found out about her.

Miranda begins to recount her findings to her three friends, when I arrived in Romania and heard about the rumors of werewolves. What concerned me was their need to hunt humans. In all the years, since becoming the wolf, never have I felt the need to hunt like that, the most I’d be compel to eat were rats or even rabbits. That was the wolf’s appetite, not mine. In any case, to continue, after finding these wolves I realized that they had to be stopped. With the help of the villagers, we did just that, unfortunately with some repercussion.

The werewolves would not die, a villager told us that only silver could kill the werewolves, something that even I was unaware, we managed to acquire the silver, fasten bullets and other weapons, tipped with the silver, most were killed others managed to escape. I also found, that once beaten by these creatures, you too would become one, every full moon. The leader of these wolves assured me that they were well aware of each kill and they rejoiced in that kill. That’s why I felt they needed to be destroyed.

While telling her story she relives the events, the horrible killings and the relief that came upon their deaths. “I don’t mine telling you, I won’t soon forget those events. Those memories will serve to remind me how grateful, I am not to be like them.” She looks at the faces of her friends and smiles. “I’m so glad to have found all three of you.”

She looks to Mary taking her hand, “so am I Mira, so am I.” They continued talking and later Mary and Miranda returned to the Clarion while Josiah and Nathan leave for the saloon.

* * * * * * *

There is a dark shadow outside the Clarion; a hooded man stands watching, as the lights to the room upstairs are turned out. He walks through town headed for the saloon. There’s a full moon out tonight, he will watch carefully, for the hunger inside him burns, the anticipation of an impending death draws near.

Josiah and Nathan sit with their friends, “evening boys.”

Chris turns around, “Josiah.” His attention now to Nathan, “how’s Mary.”

“She’s find, a little shaken, but otherwise find. Turns out, that mysterious wolf belongs to an old friend of hers, what’s even more surprising is that Josiah and I have met her before.”

Chris moves forward, straighten himself looking sternly at Nathan, “an old friend, who is she?”

Josiah smiles, “her name is Miranda Cross, an old school friend. Nathan met her during the Civil War and I met her in San Francisco.

“Really, now how is it, I missed a new lady in town.” Buck the resident ladies man is wondering. “Is the lady beautiful?” Looking at both gentlemen impatiently waiting for a response.

“Brother Buck, not only beautiful, she is wonderful.” As he smiles thinking how much he's missed her.

“Ooh! I guess we’ll meet soon enough.” Buck smiles back to Josiah.

Josiah smiles back, “my boy, you are way out of your league.” Buck laughs’, smiling, looks like the preacher’s in love.

* * * * * * *

The hooded man has been watching the bantering, between these gentlemen, they know Miranda, fortunately for them, and tonight he craves for female companionship. He sees a young woman serving drinks and approaches her. “Good evening my dear, I’d like whiskey when you have a moment.” Connie a young girl, who came to Four Corners over a month ago, looks at this tall, aristocratic man. He has an interesting accent and his smile seems gentle and friendly, she smiles at him, nods her head bringing a drink.

He sits alone, watching her as she continues serving her patrons. He hungers for her, her skin so smooth and white, her hair red as the setting sun. Her green eyes mesmerizing, any other night he would prefer to ravage her, but tonight he will do more, he will devour her. He smiles to himself, envisioning his power over her and the fear in her eyes. He drinks his whiskey leaves and waits for her.

While the hooded man was looking at young Connie, Ezra had turned his attention from his friends, to the dark clad man. There is something evil about him. He couldn’t quite place it, but knew it was there. In his life he has met evil men, been hounded by them. But he survived, mostly because evil held no fear for him. He knew it existed, battled it, until he could escape. Ezra held a sixth sense, whenever evil was close. Now he felt that evil once again.

When the saloon begins closing, all seven men begin parting, Nathan, Josiah head to the clinic and church, Chris heads out of town to his shack, Vin and Ezra head for some much needed rest, leaving Buck and JD on duty.

Young Connie, a few minutes later heads to the boarding house, with a lantern in hand she makes her way, passing by the livery stables she hears what sounds like a young child crying. Thinking that it might be one of Mrs. Potter’s children, she walks over. Entering the stables illuminating the inside, she notices the horses. Usually, when entering they have their heads looking out their stalls. But now, they seem to be shuddering in fear, hiding far back in their stalls.

As she slowly enters, she calls out, “hello, is any one there?” She proceeds further inside, when suddenly hears a rumble, she smiles thinking how funny, she never would have imaged that the bellies of horses would also make hungry sounds. Then the rumble begins to sound like a growl, stopping her. The hair on the back of her neck starts to rise, fear gripping her heart. She doesn’t want to turn around, but knows she must. Then slowly turning, with lantern still in hand she shins the light, to her horror she cannot believe what her own eyes see before her. Before her mother had died, she had always instilled her daughter that there are no such things as monsters. She wishes her mother were here to reconfirm that belief. But grateful that she has been spared the sight of this creature.

Suddenly, it springs from its hiding place, lunging for young Connie. As it pushes her down the lantern is smashed and the powerful paws crush the embers from the flame, darkening the entire barn. The young girl terrified cannot even utter a scream, grip by a fear she has never experienced.

In one instance, the beast presses its salivating jaws into the girl’s abdomen, ripping it open, pulling the entrails. Connie feels the pain, she tries to scream, but no sound comes, as the beast continues ripping her apart, any other animal would merely rip the throat killing its prey, but this is no animal, it is a creature spawned from the evil man can inflict on another soul.

The last part the beast pulls is the girls heart, by this time the girl was dead, dying from shock at the pain and the horror that was pressed upon her frail body and soul.

* * * * * * *

It will be another’s day journey before Jason and Associates arrive into Four Corners. A full moon above reminds them, the urgency of their quest. The youngest member of the group looks to the older man, “Mr. Alexander, do you think we’ll be able to help the people in Four Corners from her?”

“I hope so Brian, I hope so.” His two companions Brian and James Elliot are the newest members of the Legacy. Together they have been following the trail of a young woman named Miranda Cross who arrived in Boston from Romania about four months ago.

After her arrival each month at the full moon and for three nights of those month’s death seemed to follow her. Young women would be found ripped apart, half eaten. The history of the Legacy dates back long before Jason or even his father was born; stories of creatures who could change from man to beast were written down in their journals as fact. But even so, to actually be hunting such a creature, Jason’s training would be put to the test. Looking at the two young men he wonders if he made the right choice in bringing them.

* * * * * * *

The next morning Chris Larabee arises, rubbing sleep from his eyes. He wonders how Ezra can sleep until noon, when he always awakens with the rising of the sun. He washes not really shaving, dresses then heads to town.

Another early riser is JD; mornings like this would have found him heading to meet with Casey. Unfortunately, since the death of Annie and now their apparent break up, there would be no fishing excursions for the two young people, at least until things got better for them. He washes and shaves’, dressing quickly, this early no one is up.

He runs towards the livery stable to saddle his horse. He has patrol duty this morning and in his hurry doesn’t notice the doors already open, he rushes in and stops abruptly. At first he’s not sure what he sees. Slowly, approaching cautiously, there is blood all over, then “oh gawd!” He doubles over clutching his abdomen and races back outside, vomiting.

Riding down the main road into town Chris approaches, he sees JD running outside from the livery, he rides his horse faster and quickly dismounts. Looking at JD, he pulls his gun out and walks in, what he sees he cannot believe. Chris puts his hand to his mouth surpressing the bile building. He turns away and holsters his gun.

There are already flies buzzing the body. He recognizes the girl, “Connie, oh lord!” He walks outside to get some air, watching JD leaning against the corral. “JD, go get Nathan, then find Josiah.” With all his strength he gets up and races for the clinic.

Vin is walking along the boardwalk of town headed to the sheriffs office, when JD runs past him, “morning…”

The look on JD’s face makes him look towards the stables. He sees Chris things don’t look good. He reaches the stables; Chris sees him coming and grabs his arm.

“Vin, don’t go in.” The look on Chris’ face makes him hesitate, “wait here for Nathan and Josiah, when they arrive cover the body and take it over to Charlie’s.” With a stern look, “don’t let anyone see the body, understand.” He said with such venom it took him by surprise, “I’m going to see Mary’s friend this morning.” Vin looks at the doors and watches, as Chris heads to Mary's he decides to wait for the others before going in.

Mary all ready up prepares for the mid-morning news. She hangs the papers waiting for them to dry a harsh knock on the door startles her. Turning she steps down from the chair, looking through the window seeing Chris. “Good morning Chris.” Chris however, is in no mood for pleasantries, a stern look on his face, “what’s wrong?”

“Where’s your friend, Miss. Cross?”

“She’s upstairs, still sleeping, what’s happen?”

Not prepare to answer as yet. “Please, will you ask her to come down?” Mary nods her head and goes to the guestroom.

Outside, as Nathan and Josiah arrive at the stables, JD explains what he’d seen that morning. JD won’t go back in, Nathan, Josiah and Vin enter. What they see is unquestionable, Vin is the most affected unknown to his friends he had grown very fond of Connie. Whenever she wasn’t working, he’d take her riding, exploring the countryside. He can’t believe something so horrible would ever happen to her.

Josiah and Nathan wrap the body, Vin can’t move, or even breathe. Josiah looks up sees Vin turn pale. “Vin, you okay brother?” He merely shakes his head ‘no’. Josiah takes his arm leads him outside. “Take a breath Vin.” Looking at JD, “you better get Buck, tell him to meet us at the undertakers.” JD runs, as Josiah turns his attention to Vin. “She meant something to you?” He shakes his head again this time ‘yes’, but still can’t utter a word. “We’re going to need your help Vin.”

With all his strength he finds his voice, “alright, but I can’t look at her body again.” His eyes showing the strain and heartache he feels; Josiah smiles’ giving him a comforting hand and returns to help Nathan.

Miranda puts on a robe and heads downstairs. Mary introduces both, Chris right away asks. “Where’s that wolf of yours?”

Mary and Miranda look at one another, Miranda answers. “She’s not here at the moment, has something happen?”

Chris trying very hard to maintain his anger, “a young girl was murdered last night, ripped apart. I’d wish you could have seen what was left of the girl.” Chris turns his back, as his anger begins to well up, “you told me that animal would not hurt anyone, I trusted you…” Looking at Mary, she bows her head not able to look into his hard cold stare, “what happens, a young girl dies.”

This time Mary answers, “Chris, it wasn’t Starr who did this, please you have to believe Me.”

He bites his lower lip, not understanding how Mary can protect this woman or her dam wolf. “Maybe you should try explaining that to Connie, unfortunately she can’t hear you because she’s dead!” Words laced with anger and venom.

Mary adverts' her eyes from Chris. Miranda approaches him, “Mr. Larabee, I’m sorry for what happen to the girl, nothing I say will make you believe that my wolf had nothing to do with her death. Therefore, I ask for you to let me examine the body. Then I’ll prove to you she was not responsible.”

Chris opens the door letting both ladies exit first, and then follows them to the undertaker’s office. Where by now her body would be laying on one of his cold tables.

JD had gone to wake Buck, pounding on his door, Ezra across the way, abruptly arises hearing the commotion. Ezra opens the door seeing Buck and JD quickly discussing the events of the morning. “Gentlemen, may I inquire as to the reason for all the noise.”

JD, still looking pale, answers, “I found Connie dead this morning.”

“Oh Lord!” Ezra feels the knot at the pit of his stomach. “I’ll get dress, have they taken her body to Mr. Mason?” JD nods ‘yes’. “I’ll meet you there.” Closing his door he dresses, Buck and JD all ready head outside.

Things seem to be happing rather quickly, people getting up, noticing the gatherings of the seven protectors over at Charlie’s, the citizens of Four Corners are filled with dread. When things like this begin to happen, they know not to ask questions; rather they wait for the seven to let them know what to do. Buck and JD are inside just as Chris, Miranda and Mary arrive. Ezra enters unnoticed. Leaning far behind is Vin, while Josiah and Nathan have been waiting for Chris’ arrival. They’ve told Charlie not to say a word until they find out what happen dismissing him for the moment.

All wait for Chris to begin. Pulling Miranda in front, she uncovers the body; Mary gasps Josiah pulling her away from the body. Miranda looks at the body, unmoved by the condition of the remains. Looking at the organs that are missing. JD also stays behind close to Vin not wanting to see the body again. Buck who like Chris has seen a lot of death is not prepared for the condition in which Connie was found. All remain quiet, Miranda carefully examining her. It’s, as she feared.

Ezra continues to approach, watching as the covers are pulled and the body exposed. He makes no sound looking intently, realizing that this is the work of a werewolf not a wolf. Closing his eyes and imaging the horror the poor girl must have gone through. Chris notices Standish, not expecting him to be up at this hour, nor wanting to expose him to this. It was bad enough JD had to witness what happen, he’d hope to spare both Vin and Ezra. “Ezra, what are you doing here?”

Miranda looks at the young gambler Mary had told her all about the seven men who protect this town, two of which are friends. Seeing the gambler she notices that he too is young like the tracker. Ezra looks up at the woman across from him then at Chris. “This was not the result of a wolf’s attack, this was caused by a werewolf, a hideous creature, born from evil.” Everyone then looks over to the gambler all surprised at his words.

JD breaks the silence, “that’s crazy Ezra, there are no such things as werewolves.”

He looks down at the body and under his breath utters, “…there are stranger things in heaven and earth then are dreamt of in your philosophy." He looks at his young friend, “I’m afraid there are.”

Miranda looks at the gambler, “how do you know about werewolves.”

He smiles to himself, “I was nearly devour by one when I was a boy.” He looks at the questioning faces and continues. I was living in Louisiana with an Uncle, my mother manage to persuade him to look after me. For a while everything was all right, he was one of my better uncles, at least he…

He caught himself before revealing anything more intimate. One day my uncle went out hunting, I had asked to go with him, but he said I was too young. So, he’d gone on his own. During the night a rather large animal had attacked him. It was too big for a wolf, but too small for a grizzly, he managed to survive. Or so we thought. A month later under the full moon, he turned into an animal, while he was changing, he managed to shout at me to run. I ran out, towards the swamp, a few minutes later I could hear him/it running after me, whatever it was, it became apparent that the creature would reach me soon enough.

Then I heard the splashing of the swamp, knew that a gator was near by. Looking up, I saw a vine, one of the many I swung on when my uncle was out. I could almost feel the breath on my neck. With all my strength I reached for the vine, hoping…when it reached for me, it fell into the swamp.

I heard the gator’s biting down, I could hear the bone crunching, the sounds of the birds flying, everything around me became alive. Then silence, that was the worst part, the silence. I couldn’t move, when morning came, along the bank of the swamp, I found the body of one gator, then the remains of my uncle. Looking up at the staring eyes he continued, “I’ve never told anyone what really happen, the people believed that my uncle was drunk and fell into the swamp. I let them believe that.”

Josiah’s concern for the gambler, “how old were you?”

He looked at the ex-preacher and smiled, “six years old.” The preacher was developing a new respect for the lithe gambler.

Chris was not sure about any of what was said. “What the hell is going on here? You’re telling me that a monster has found its way to our town?”

Josiah responded, “What Ezra told us is true. There are creatures called werewolves.” He looked at Miranda hoping she would take charge of continuing the discussion.

Miranda could see the look on Josiah’s face and added, “What Josiah and Mr. Standish have told you is true.” Looking at Mary and her two friends, she knew the truth had to be said. “I am also a werewolf.” They all looked at her, Vin reacted first with his sawed off rifle pointed right at her heart.

“Then it was you who killed Connie?”

She looked at the tracker and could see that his light blue eyes held pain; he was close to the girl, “no. But I have a feeling I know who did.”

Ezra looked at the mysterious woman, claiming to be a creature that once nearly killed him. “It was the man dressed in black.” He kept looking at Connie’s body, “I should have done something, I felt his evil and I should have acted.”

Chris looking at Ezra, “what man?”

Looking at the dark clad gunslinger, “he was dress all in black clothing, not usually worn in these parts, olive colored skin, dark hair, dark eyes, he also had an accent I’d never heard before.”

Miranda reacted, “dam’it, I thought I’d killed the son-of-bitch.” Not speaking to anyone in particular.

Chris was having trouble grasping what was going on. “Who are you two talking about?”

Miranda didn’t have time to explain, “look we have two more nights of the full moon in which, the werewolf can attack, and we’re going to have to prepare for his arrival. The only thing that can kill these creatures is silver. We have to find whatever silver we can and forge weapons.” Seeing there eyes, “Josiah, help me out here, you’ve dealt with these creatures before.”

“All right, I have some silver crosses we can have the blacksmith melt, Buck, Nathan you both have swords you’ll need them, Vin, Ezra whatever silver you can find will also help, we don’t have much time.” He then looks at Larabee, “Chris, I need you to believe this is very real.”

Before Chris could answer, the door opened and two men dressed in black entered followed by a third. Everyone turns around to look at the intruders Josiah looked surprise to see him, but knew someone from the Legacy would be near.

Miranda also noticed the men and recognized Alexander. So, did Alexander remembering their last encounter in Boston. With gun in hand, he was about to shoot but Josiah stood in his way. “Stand aside Josiah, that woman is a killer.”

Chris and Buck also stand in front of the woman called Miranda, they trust Josiah and if he means to protect this woman, so would they. Vin was not so motivated he needed proof, his friend Connie was dead and he would find and kill the creature that took her life, even if it meant going against his friends. Chris spoke, “you know these men Josiah?”

Josiah didn’t answer, but spoke directly to the stranger, “Jason, she is not the one you seek?”

Looking at Josiah, he could not believe that he would protect such a vile creature, “how can you say that, since she entered Boston over four months ago there has been a trail of bloody bodies, men, women and even children’s bodies were found.”

Miranda looked at Alexander and couldn’t believe she had led a monster to America and now had led him here to Four Corners. She was responsible for the death of this innocent young woman maybe not with her own hands, but just as responsible. She kept silent, unable to look at her accusers.

Chris had to get control of the situation, this man had seen a lot of evil, and he would have to say that evil took the lives of his wife and son. Despair, guilt and anger had taken over his life and if not for Buck’s vigil... He could see the same look on Miranda and knew she was innocent. “If Josiah says she is not guilty, I believe him,” looking at all three men with his cold hard stare, he convene to these intruders that he and his men would protect her at any cause. “I would suggest you lay your weapons down now!” Leaving no room for argument.

Jason knew he was out numbered, putting down his weapon, his men doing the same, “I hope you know what you’re doing Sanchez?”

Miranda looked at Alexander “there have been more deaths?” Alexander nodded. Josiah could see the pain in her eyes, “what have I done.” She walked over to the body and laid her hands on the face of Connie, Vin could not hold his anger any longer.

He pushed her none too gently, “get away from her, you were the cause of her death.”

She looked at Vin; just then Chris stopped him. “You’re right Mr. Tanner, I may not have taken her life but I am responsible for her death. I can only say I am truly sorry, and know that it will not bring back your friend. If I could trade places with her I would.”

Vin turned away his eyes watering. There was a silence that came over the entire room no one spoke for what seemed the longest time.

Miranda raised her head and finally found her voice, “I have to change into the wolf and track the monster that did this. I have until this evening to find his lair. The rest of you will have to prepare incase there are more.” No one spoke, ‘more’ hung in the air one was bad enough the anticipation that there could be more, left them with dread.

Mary broke the silence “you can’t go by yourself.”

Miranda smiled at her, Mary could not bare the thought of seeing her go out alone with no back up. Miranda on the other hand, could not bare the thought of Mary ending up like this young innocent child; she would not have it, because she would feel too responsible for her death as well. When she had followed Chris to view the body, she only wore a robe, borrowed from Mary. She removed it letting it fall effortlessly down, for a slight moment all looked at her body, Buck couldn’t help but admire the curvature, nor the smoothes of her skin, but just as suddenly her form changed and became the shape of the wolf they had seen the day before.

The wolf had the same light brown hair color as the woman a star shape symbol formed on her shoulder, Mary knew that it was Miranda’s birthmark. The wolf was larger than any in these parts, its body long and slender, and the eyes reflected gentleness. Starr appeared, unafraid looking at Mary, her long time friend, she came to her reaching the muzzle of her face. “Be careful, Starr.”

“I will Mary,” if Mary could understand the words spoken she would have reacted, but she understood the look on Starr and knew she would try. Ezra on the other looked on in awe, he had no idea that a wolf could speak, let alone for him to understand her, but he did. He did not say anything assuming everyone else understood as well. Starr then jumped to sniff the body, her thoughts voiced, ‘she’s been dead ten hours, no more. He has the sent of another female, he may have others with him.”

Vin didn’t like what was going on, “what’s she doing?”

Ezra looked at Vin “she’s picking up the odor of another female, she doesn’t think the werewolf is alone.” Everyone’s reaction was evident Ezra noticed they were all looking at him, “what?”

Mary had to know, “I didn’t think you had an understanding of wolves, Mr. Standish?”

Ezra looked at them confused, “I don’t Mrs. Travis, merely voicing exactly what she said.”

Then the wolf looked up at him, “you understood me?”

He looked at the wolf then at his compatriots and was becoming a little nervous, “you mean to suggest that none of you heard her?” They all shook their heads ‘no’. Ezra started feeling sick, being shot yesterday, looking at the remains, and now this. Was becoming too much. In a soft southern tone, “oh, I don’t feel good.”

Chris grabbed him, sitting him down on a chair. All eyes on Ezra, as were the wolves. Being the brother-in-law of this man, concern visible on his normally emotionless countenance, Chris placed his hand on Ezra as he spoke in a soft voice, “you all right Ezra?”

He looked at Chris; over the course of several weeks since finding out they were related both men had developed a special bond. Thou Chris continued to instill some moral value on him, he could never judged him harshly and understood this was his up bringing, morals pass down from mother to son. Ezra knew that one-day, he would come to trust this man, the thought always-brought great comfort to him.

“I am well Mr. Larabee,” Ezra often used this tone with anyone who showed concern, it was an automatic reflex, born from his childhood, he looked up at everyone embarrassed by his lack of control. Then to the wolf, “yes, I understood your words.”

Starr could not believe it, all this time she had search for someone to understand her while in wolf form. Now, Ezra who some how managed to escape literally the jaws of death, at the hands of an uncle who was bitten by a werewolf, understood her. Fate some how brought her here, finding old friends and a stranger who could hear her words. This was in deed a true miracle.

Then Ezra couldn’t help but smile, Mary looking at him, “why are you smiling Mr. Standish?” The others wondered the same thing.

“Well, Mrs. Travis, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a wolf laugh before.” Mary could not help but laugh too, she knew that for years Miranda had hope someone would understand her thoughts while in wolf form, she often said that it would make her complete. She wasn’t sure why, only that since she was both human and wolf there had to be another bridge which would connect her to both forms. Ezra was that bridge.

* * * * * * *

Outside the town of Four Corners laid many canyons, some sacred to the Indian’s others unexplored. This is where Gregorian has brought his followers. Others he brought from Romania and new members from this untamed country. There would be two more nights of the full moon, and then they would be safe. They would need to destroy the citizens of the town and Miranda. There would be no clue as to their existence and no chance of discovery.

Their tribe would then be free to grow. Looking at his new members, the confusion in their faces. “Do not worry children, you will learn to accept who you are. Rejoice in the power to come.” He also knew of the seven men who protected the town and wondered which ones he would kill and which ones he would convert. He had notice the previous night the young gambler who kept staring at him. He could sense a great power from him he would make a fine addition to his family.

A werewolf had bitten Gregorian when he was only seventeen. Caught out at night hunting with his father, they had come across a fresh kill. The body was of a man from their village, just as suddenly they too were attack, his father killed and he was wounded, but managed to escape. He wandered all that night in delirium. The next morning he was found by another hunter and taken to his home. He recounted what had happened, but could not tell them what had killed his father. The next month he had changed. Becoming a werewolf, eventually, he grew to enjoy what the wolf gave him. He killed those that were his enemy, then he killed the leader of the werewolves, the other wolves followed blindly their new leader, and he gave them full rein to kill the villagers and instilling fear on neighboring towns.

When Miranda had come, she represented a new beginning for their tribe. Where they could only change under the full moon, she had the power to change at will day or night. But she could not condone their way of life. She, along with other villagers had destroyed most of his family, only a few survived, he vowed revenge and followed her to America.

He realized that this new country could prove a blessing in disguise. Here none of these people knew of their existence. And those that did were ridiculed. But his thoughts were still on revenge. He would kill Miranda and her friends.

* * * * * * *

Back in Four Corners, we find our hero’s reeling from what’s happen. Ezra who has discovered has an ability to communicate with Starr the other half of Miranda, translates her findings. “She hopes to follow his trail back to their lair.” Ezra replies with his usual soft southern drawl.

Chris and the others look on in awe Ezra’s newfound ability amazed them. Josiah who often felt the con man was hiding special talents never imaged this would be one of them. More amazing was his lack of knowledge on this ability. What happen in Ezra’s childhood that would warrant such abilities, he didn’t think the gambler knew.

Chris satisfied looks to the others. “All right, the wolf will go locate the lair, we’ll prepare for what’s to come.”

Ezra looking at him, “I think Mr. Larabee that I should go with Miss Starr?”

The dark clad gunslinger turns around, “why?” Hoping no one notice the strain behind his voice, nor the concern for the young gambler.

“Since I can mediate between us, it would stand to reason that I should go with her to ascertain the whereabouts of this Gregorian fellow.” The gambler looks at their leader with his piercing green eyes, hoping that Chris would trust him enough to let him help.

“I appreciate the offer but sending you out there with no back up. Well it don’t feel right.” Normally, the icy cold green eyes of Chris Larabee would put an end to the conversation. But then again nothing between these two was ever an end…

“Mr. Larabee, I understand your apprehension, but I am capable of taking care of myself.” The look of determination was event on his countenance.

Chris is about to object again, only to be interrupted by the tracker, “Chris I’ll go with him, I want to find this fellow too.”

It was bad enough Ezra wanted to go; now Vin was asking to accompany him. This would be the backup he had instant upon; he could not refuse without showing the real reason behind holding Ezra. “Okay, go,” he said a little more harshly then he intended too, but when it came to the gambler, his brother-in-law, hell more brother then anything he hated not being with him, insuring his safety.

Ezra nodded and both gentlemen walk out followed by Starr. As they exited, there is a crowd waiting to hear some news as to want was to be done. When Ezra and Vin came out, the townspeople began to bombard them with questions and Ezra in his most sincere voice began to assure them that all would be well. “Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Larabee will be arriving shortly to let you know we will be handling this situation. And all will be well soon.” The people began talking to one another, hoping that Larabee and his men would tell them what needed to be done.

Vin and Ezra headed towards the livery to saddle their horses and ride out. Once Starr picked up the trail they rode out headed west towards the canyons.

Back at the undertakers, Chris was filled with concern and dread. Buck was watching him. He knew the real reason why Chris didn’t want the gambler out there alone. “Chris we’re going to have to tell these people something.”

Chris was brought out of his reverie, “all right, Buck, JD and Nathan I want you to ride out to the neighboring homestead, get them in town if possible. If they don’t want to come in tell them to board up their homes and stay put no wondering out at night. If you have to tell them about the werewolves then tell them and be back before night fall.” The three gentlemen took their leave then Chris turn to the others. “You gentlemen going to help?” He looked at Alexander and his men all three nodded ‘yes’. “Okay, Josiah you and your friends collect as much silver as needed to construct what ever weapons will be needed.”

Josiah and the others left leaving Mary and Chris alone. “Chris, I’m sorry.”

Chris turned his attention towards her, “sorry for what?”

Mary bow her head, “if I hadn’t asked Miranda to stay in town, maybe this wouldn’t of happen. Maybe this Gregorian wouldn’t have stayed.”

Chris walked over to Mary and held her in his arms, releasing her, he took his hand touching her face, “Mary this isn’t your fault. If she hadn’t stayed, maybe we wouldn’t have been this informed about these werewolves, you can’t stop the full moon from coming.”

Mary looked up at him, into his dark green eyes; they were full of concern, for her she hoped, but knew it just wasn’t for her, but for the whole town and his men. Either one of them could die tonight, she wanted him to take her into his arms again only not stop there she wanted him to kiss her and not stop.

He could see in her pale green eyes, that she wanted him, but there was so much that needed to be done he just couldn’t. There was too much responsibility. He touches his head to hers, wishing that circumstances were different.

Mary closes her eyes, but this time she wasn’t going to let him walk away, this time she was taking the initiative, she held his head with her hands and pressed her lips to his. Mary kissed him, her heart was pounding, at first he didn’t reciprocate, then he closed his eyes, and gave in. Chris had long to kiss her lips, but could not find the courage to take that chance. Now he didn’t want to let her go, with his arms he embraced her pressed harder, ravaging his lips onto hers. His heart was pounding neither wanted to release the other. Finally, their lips parted each looking into their eyes. Something magical happened, but they weren’t going to say anything to break that spell.

Chris, touched her lips with his finger, her lips were soft and moist. He longed to kiss those lips again and again. But the spell had to be broken, “Mary, I need to go out there and speak to the people, let them know what needs to be done.” Mary nodded and he released her. Turning his back to her he left. She felt empty; she knew he was right. They had to put the town first. But part of her wanted to cry part of her didn’t care about the town, only about how much she wanted him. How much she wanted to tell him that yes, she loved him. But knew that now would only distract him from what needed to be done. Mary closed her eyes and cursed them for caring about others so much.

* * * * * * *

Vin and Ezra had been following Starr for almost three hours, riding their horses hard. She was diffidently on their scent. Then abruptly she stopped. In the air there came another scent, something familiar from her past. She turned her sights into the forest; the woods seem to be beckoning, pulling at her.

Both men also stopped, “Starr what’s wrong?” Ezra had just discovered he was able to communicate with this strange creature. Directing his question right to the animal or woman.

The wolf called Starr, turned her attention to the gambler, “I’m not sure, theirs someone out there.”

Vin knew they were communicating with one another, “what’d she say?” Standish ignored him for the moment not sure what she was talking about.

“Whose out there?” Again directing the question to the wolf. “A familiar scent, but I thought that the scent was from a dream.” Ezra was confused and the tracker seems to see the confusion. He was about to ask again what the wolf and the gambler was discussing when the wolf bolted into the forest. Ezra then shouted after her, “wait!!”

Ezra quickly dismounted and proceeded to follow the lithe wolf. Vin shouted, “Wait, Ezra were you going?” The gambler without breaking stride or looking at the tracker merely shouted back, “after the wolf.” He was in the forest before the tracker could stop him. He swore, and dismounted pulling his Winchester rifle and followed the gambler, who followed the wolf.

Starr and Ezra covered the terrain very quickly, by the time Vin was in the forest he could barely make out their forms in the dense woods. He shouted after them, but both ignored him, he continued running after them, then a sudden curse from ahead alerted Vin that something just happen. By the time he reached Ezra, the gambler was cursing; he’d fallen into a wolf trap, its iron claw held that tight the con mans ankle. “Dam’it, hold still Ezra.”

When she heard the gambler swear, Starr turned around and headed back towards Ezra, she saw him caught in a vise of an iron menace which the wolf had first hand knowledge. She cringed; Starr knew all too well the pain the iron claw produced. “Ezra, hang on.” Starr waited as the tracker appeared and was at Ezra’s side.

He pulled back the claw, releasing Ezra’s ankle, “pull it out!” The gambler pulled his ankle and the jaw retracted. Vin, out of anger pulled it from the ground tossing it, he had seen too many animals left starving, sometimes some of these creatures chewing their own paws; one thing he couldn’t stomach, were careless trapper’s. The ankle had broken skin, was swelling, touching it he didn’t think it was broken. Looking at the gambler, “can you stand?” He nodded ‘yes’. “We’re going to head back to the horses.”

The wolf wouldn’t budge, “I have to go on.” She stated flatly, continuing on.

Ezra looked back, “Vin we have to follow her.”

Both men stared after her; “you’re in no condition to travel after a wolf.” His light green eyes pleaded with the tracker, “all right, you’d have to lean on me.” They traveled as fast as they could, by the time they found the wolf; she was standing in the middle of an open meadow, surrounded by trees, bushes and as they followed the gaze of the wolf to their surprise more wolves could be seen.

Vin let go of Ezra and lifted his rifle. Starr looked back at her two companions and called out to the gambler, “Ezra, tell Vin to lower his weapon, please!” Without saying a word, Ezra put his hand on the barrel of the rifle lowering, nodding to Vin to wait.

* * * * * * *

JD had ridden out to the Wells’ homestead to check on Casey and her Aunt. Even though they were no longer seeing one another, he still cared about Casey. The accidental death of Annie had put a strain in their relationship and neither one could find a way to bridge what had happen.

Nettie Wells greeted JD as he approached, “good morning Mr. Dunne, what brings you out today?” “Morning Mrs. Wells, Chris thought I should come out warn people of trouble, thought maybe you should come into town.”

Nettie looked at JD, “what kind of trouble son?”

Not wanting to get into too much detail. But needing to get his point across as to the danger, “there was a death in town last night, pretty bad. Miss Connie the girl who works in the saloon was murdered last night, killer might still be in the area, Chris wants everyone in town for the next two nights.”

Just then Casey came out, she had been hiding behind the door not wanting to talk with JD, “and Connie was murdered, how?”

“I don’t want to say, but it was bad. Please, I’ll help you with the buckboard so you can head into town.” Both ladies looked at JD, and nodded their heads they’d follow.

A few hours later JD, Buck and Nathan had returned to town with as many people as they could gather. Families with children. Widow's and people who lived alone. When the people arrived it look like they were getting ready for a battle. Those who weren’t told the details were told how they could help. Everyone started pitching in because night was coming soon.

* * * * * * *

As the wolves started entering the open meadow, both men and wolf stared at the approaching beasts. Starr was a little apprehensive she had never seen such a large pack before, yet what was more amazing was the small boy walking with a rather large black wolf by his side.

As the boy and wolf approach behind both figures were two more wolves while the rest stay behind. Then the boy stood in front of the wolf and faced the gambler, tracker and wolf.

The boy then spoke. “Greetings and Salutations!” He said this with gentlemanly manners Ezra couldn’t help but smile, the boy then bow before the three travelers.

Vin and Ezra looked at one another. As did Starr. She then motions to Ezra to reply for them.

Letting go of Vin he steps forward and like wise greeted the small boy, “Greetings and Salutations, Young Sir!” Bowing in return.

The boy smiles at the man’s strange accent. “I am Adam, and this is darkling,” pointing to the black wolf, “leader of the werewolves.” This got everyone’s attention, especially Starr’s. “We are delighted at your arrival.”

“I too am delighted. Are your friends, like my friend Starr?”

The small boy smiles and nods his head ‘yes’. This was becoming very interesting.

Starr then entered the conversation. “Can you understand my words as well?” Directing her question to the boy.


Both Starr and Ezra looked at one another, “hey, Ez what the heck is going on?” Asked Vin, as he was feeling left out of the conversation.

The gambler turn to his friend, “the boy can also communicate with Starr and the other wolves.”

‘Oh, great now he really is going to feel out of place,’ thought Vin.

“My name is Ezra Standish, this is Vin Tanner, and Starr.”

The black wolf then called the small boy back, and continued the conversation. “We are aware of who you are, we have been waiting for your return for some time now.”

Starr then spoke, “I had no idea you had been waiting for me?”

The black wolf darkling looked at Starr, “I am afraid the one we had been awaiting for is Mr. Standish.”

This startled Ezra, why would they be waiting for him? “I don’t understand, why would you be waiting for me?”

The wolf, Darkling turn to the boy, “Sarah your sister left her son in our care until your arrival.” Ezra just stared and fell to his knees.

* * * * * * *

Back in Four Corners, the residents continued with their progress getting the town ready for evening. A lone dark clad gunslinger stood near the edge of town looking out, wondering where Vin and Ezra were. It would be getting dark soon, he hated the thought of two of his men still out.

Buck came up behind him, “they’ll be okay pard’, they’ll be home before dark.” He smiled holding back a chuckle at his words, and then frowned at his long time friend’s worried look. Putting his hand on Chris’ shoulder, “they’ll be alright Chris.”

“I hope so Buck, but if they don’t get here soon, I won’t be holding my breath.” He turned around and headed back towards town. His intense blue eyes, focused on the townspeople.

Once it got dark the people in town, would stay in the basements of the Church, the Mercantile and the Saloon. The only one’s left outside would be the five protectors plus the three new arrivals and soon hopefully would Vin, Ezra and Starr.

* * * * * * *

In the dark canyons of Colorado, lay hidden from prying eyes Gregorian and his followers. Waiting for the full moon and the blood lust to come.

* * * * * * *

The words were still echoing through his ears. ‘Sarah’s son, but how.’ Vin was looking at the gambler when he fell to his knees, wondering what the black wolf had said. Obviously, it had to do with what was to come, but what he wasn’t sure.

Lightly touching the gamblers shoulder, “Ezra, care to tell me what’s been said?”

Ezra turned to the tracker, tears visible in his green eyes. He got up and walked towards the boy, then kneel down, eye level to the boy. Smiling, not to frighten the boy, “what is your full name young sir?”

The boy looked over to Darklin, the wolf nodded, “Adam Larabee.”

Vin couldn’t hear what was being said, Ezra took hold of the boy and embraced him, ‘what the hell was happening,’ wondered the tracker. He waited for the gambler to enlighten him.

Ezra pulled away from him and asked the boy, “how? We thought you’d died in the fire with your mother.” He looked at the boy, ‘so much like your father, even the green eyes, from your mother and father,’ he thought.

The boy smiled, then a sad look came over him, “the night my mother died, she managed to call the wolves to help. The house was full of smoke and fire I was scare, so was Michael, then my mother heard the wolves answer her call and managed to get me out through the back of the house, but Michael wasn’t behind us. He was so scared, Ma went back to get him, but then part of the roof fell on both of them.” Tears adored the boy’s eyes Ezra embraced him again comforting the boy’s pain.

“Why didn’t your father find you?”

The boy looked at him in surprise; “my Pa’s dead.”

A look of confusion crossed the gambler's face. “Why would you think that?”

The boy looked at Darkling, the wolf continued, “Adam became very ill, with fever after the fire. He was in shock, it took a week for him to recover, and we went back to the house, but could not find any sign of the boy’s father. We saw two headstones in a graveyard, we were not sure of the names.” Bowing he’s head, “we could not read the words of man and Adam was too young, we assumed they were both his parents.”

“Oh Lord,” Ezra gasps. “All this time you thought your father was dead too?” The boy nodded ‘yes.’ Ezra took a deep breath and continued, “listen to me son, your father is not dead, your father believes you died along with your mother. He had assumed the body of the boy found with your mother was you.”

The boy became apprehensive looking at Darkling then at Ezra. “My father is alive?”

“Yes, very much so.” With a smile on his face he turn around to the tracker, “Vin.”

Not sure what was happening, the tracker walked over to Ezra, as did the wolf. “What’s going on Ezra?”

The gambler stood up; he smiled to the tracker, making Vin a little uncomfortable. “Vin, I’d like you to meet Adam Larabee.” Vin stared at the boy then at Ezra. Ezra continued, “Adam I’d like you to meet Vin Tanner a friend of your father.”

Then Adam took out his hand and shook Vin’s. Then the tracker looked at Ezra, “what’s going on Ezra, how can this be Adam?”

“A miracle Mr. Tanner,” then looking at Adam, “who is Michael?”

Vin was put off by Ezra’s lack of communication then Adam continued, “my Mother and me went to town the day Pa and Buck rode out to sell horses. When we got there we found this boy named Michael stealing fruit from one of the stores. Mr. Mitchell was very angry with the boy, so Ma paid him. Michael thanked us, and then Ma asked him where he was from.”

“Michael said he’d runaway from an orphanage. Mama; explain that it was a place where children were taken when they had no family. So Ma asked the boy if he was hungry, Michael said yes, Mama and me took him home. Mama said she would talk to Pa about keeping him.”

Ezra laughed at this, “She wanted to adopt him?” Adam nodded.

Vin had been listening to the conversation and still could not believe that this boy was Chris' son. After all this time, “Ezra what are we going to do? We can’t take the boy with us now.”

Ezra looked up at Vin and knew the tracker was right. Looking back at Darkling, “are you aware why we are out here?” The wolf nodded ‘yes’. “Do you know how many of the other werewolves there are?” Darkling again nodded, “at least twenty strong.”

“Oh Lord.” Vin hated when the gambler said that, he always knew that bad news was soon to follow. “Ezra? How many?”

Without looking up, “twenty.” He heard the tracker moan. The gambler looked back at the boy, “Adam, you’re staying here with Darkling.” The boy was ready to voice his objection. “It’s too dangerous and your father needs to concentrate on fighting the werewolves. You understand?” The boy nodded reluctantly. Ezra looked back at Darkling; “can you help us?”

The leader of the pack looked at his sons and nodded, they ran back to the others. Within a few minutes you could hear the howls of acknowledgement. “You will receive help, they will follow and arrive by nightfall. You must leave now to get your friends ready. I will bring Adam tomorrow morning and hope for good news.”

Ezra nodded in understanding, “Adam, you must be patient, I promise you I will reunite you with your father.” Looking at the boy, he nodded. The gambler smiled at him, “I won’t let you down young sir.”

He stood up and looked at Vin, “we have to head back before dark. Darkling will send help. We need to make sure the others are ready.”

Vin nodded, “what about the boy?”

He looked at the boy then the tracker. “Help me make sure Chris stays alive this night?” It was more an appeal then a request. The tracker nodded in understanding both men made their way back to their horses Starr following them both.


Gregorian and his new family, began the journey to Four Corners, the transformation would begin as soon as they arrived in town. The battle would then follow and he will have his revenge against Miranda.


In the town of Four Corners the sun had already set, the saloon was the only building still lit with light. The town was quiet, outside the saloon stood a dark clad figure searching for the last two remaining men of his surrogate family. Another figure approaches and puts his hand on the other's shoulder.

“Chris they’re probably on their way back even now.” Buck tried to sound confident, but he too was worried about Vin and Ezra out there alone.

“I know Buck, I just wish they’d get here already.” He turned to his friend, “how are the others?”

“We’re as ready as we’ll ever be, I guess. Most of the towns people are in the Church basement, Mary and Billy along with Mrs. Potter and her children, plus Casey and Miss Nettie are in the saloon’s cellar so are Inez and some of the other girls. Alexander and his people have outfitted us with as much silver as we could get. They also mention another way to kill these beasts is to sever the neck from as he stated the brain stem, which Nathan explained exactly what he meant by that.”

“So all we have to do is wait and hope Vin and Ezra get here before those things arrive.” Chris didn’t like the waiting game; it put him on edge.

Buck could only nod but knew what Chris was feeling; he felt the same way. They waited outside for a few more minutes and knew they’d have to go back inside and help the others get ready. Just as Chris was about to enter the saloon he heard the sound of horses riding in, both stopped in their tracks and peered into the night; two riders could be seen arriving near the livery stables get off their mounts and ushered them inside the stables. Then both men ran towards the saloon and beside them was a large wolf. Buck and Chris smiled to themselves.

As they approach, “glad you could make it.” Was all Chris could say, his smile said the rest.

Vin smiled at the comment, “sorry we’re late.”

“Well, what you’d find out?” The seriousness was back in his voice.

“According to our intelligence we should expect at least twenty of these hellish beast to attack us this evening,” replied the southerner.

“Dam’!” Was, all the ladies man could say, things just went from bad to worse.

“Not to worry Buck, we will be having reinforcements to assists us.” Ezra noted the confused looks from his two comrades, “we managed to find more of Starr’s people. They will be sending help tonight.”

“How did you manage that?”

“Sheer miracle Mr. Wilmington.” Then the gambler looked around the town as he saw everything was quiet. “I take it all is well here?”

“We have as many people under the saloon and church, we hope to attract the creatures here and hope they don’t get pass us.” You could see the determination on Chris’ countenance. “I just hope we can pull it off.”

As the four men entered the saloon followed by the wolf, they quickly explained the situation to the others. “How are we going to tell the bad creatures from the good creatures?” JD wondered as he looked at Starr when the others said that they had found more of her people or rather wolves.

Ezra had forgotten that no one had actually seen what the other werewolves or how different they appeared as compared to Starr and her kind. Ezra made his way to the blackboard near the bar countered where the price of drinks and food are listed. He quickly erased the writing and starts to draw the image of the werewolf that was once his uncle. After he finished they were amazed not just how ugly and vicious the creature looked but how artistic the gambler was. Chris remembered how accurate the image of Sarah the con man had managed to draw.

“Well JD I don’t think we’ll have a problem recognizing who’s who.” Chris chuckle, even thou the situation were dire.


Nearly three hours had pass when they first heard the howls coming through the night. Everyone tense, as they all knew what was to come. The only light lit was the saloon hoping this would lure the creatures to them. It did. Nathan, Buck and JD were in the center Josiah, Alexander and his two colleagues to the far left. Leaving Chris, Ezra, Vin and Starr to the right as you enter the saloon.

After the howling began the first crash came as the werewolf entered the saloon, all the men were told to use sparingly their weapons, as the silver bullets were limited. The first shot came from Buck as his bullet hit its mark killing the beast. This immediately causes the creature to revert to human form. Three more creatures entered and were quickly dispatched.

A few moments pass then the next wave ensue, only this time five of these creatures manage to make their way in, one of them jumped JD, Nathan had his sword in hand with brute force he managed to severe the head, which the kid looked at it with disgust. Two more attacked by Josiah’s area they too manage to kill the creatures.

From above the saloon two more entered one jumping on Buck causing him to drop his weapon the other manages to separate JD and Nathan after killing the other creature moments ago. Brian immediately comes to their aide, in so doing he is bitten by the creature, but no one saw it happen. He didn’t realize what happen but continues to fight.

Just then the saloon is flooded with more creatures, as another onslaught becomes apparent. The battle is now in full swing Ezra and Vin fought keeping their promise to Adam to insure Chris’ life. Then the unthinkable happens from behind the saloon two more creatures enter unnoticed one jumps Chris pushing him over the counter Ezra saw what happen and without thought to himself jumped after the creature and grabbed its torso pulling it from Chris.

The creature and Ezra face one another and with a dimple smile pulls his derringer and shoots two silver bullets which he always carries just in case. The beast slumps dead at the gambler’s feet he took a moment to compose himself and then look at Chris. His first reaction was the blood. ‘Oh Lord’, he thought. He moved immediately to his side and ascertains the damage. Ezra sighs with relief, it’s only a head wound, which rendered the dark clad gunslinger unconscious securing his friend the gambler returns to the fight. He sees Vin fighting the other creature and jumps over the counter again, picks up his sword and hits the beast on the neck. Unfortunately, the blow isn’t hard enough and the monster manages to hit Ezra throwing him over tables and chairs he is momentarily daze but gives Vin the opportunity to shoot his weapon killing it.

Just as things started getting worse the saloon becomes immersed with Starr’s fellow beasts as back up finally arrives. Starr who was engaged with another beast is relived to see her people arrive. When she saw Chris go down and Ezra follows, she quickly dispatched the beast she was dealing with and came to the gambler’s side. On seeing their leader was okay Ezra asked Starr to stay with him. She wasn’t about to let anyone get him. She too remembered the promise that was given.

The battle continued one kind of werewolf fighting another kind. Both despise the other. Brian and James were also in the middle of the fight, still no one was yet aware of what happen to the younger brother. By this time all ammunition was spent. All they were left with are knifes courtesy of Nathan and a couple of swords, but the boys made good use of them with the help of Starr’s friends.

In the saloon already laid out were at least ten dead bodies, those that were left had two maybe three of Starr’s brothers hanging from their necks. When the battle seem to be ending another werewolf manage to pin one of the seven Josiah was in trouble Alexander made his way to his side as he plunge his knife at the beast the creature managed to swipe the man back and hit the wall.

While it was distracted the ex-preacher had his knife out and also struck him this time threw the head with such force that the creature let loose a gasp as it sank to the ground.

Starr noticed movement from the dark clad gunslinger and went to his side. Helping him as best she could considering, she was still in wolf form. She began licking his face to help him come around. Slowly, awaking Chris gave out a small moan. Then opened his eyes to see a light auburn colored wolf wetting his face. He swiped the wolf away and began to focus. “All right all ready I’m awake.” The gunslinger moaning slightly. He tried standing but she quickly pushes him down with her paw. Chris touched his head and grimace at the pain; he had a hell of a headache.

While the fight was winding down the large black werewolf Gregorian made it’s way towards the back he had picked up the scent of Starr. He climbed up the counter and spied both the wolf and the gunslinger. Chris saw the creature, as did Starr, she jump up pushing it away from the leader of the seven as promised. Both creatures were now engaged in battle. The dark clad leader stood along the counter still feeling dizzy from the head wound. He looked over towards the others and saw Brian finishing off another creature. Chris called to him, “Brian!” Drawing his attention.

Brian saw what was happening and race over to help leaving the others to finish with the few remaining creatures. The large black werewolf had the smaller lithe auburn wolf pined under its weight trying to crush her neck. Brian who already knew another werewolf had bitten him did not hesitate in fighting off the big black leader. Using his full weight he pulled the beast off of Starr unfortunately, Brian had no weapon to fall back on and the creature easily torn Brian’s throat killing him instantly.

Gregorian made its way back to the gasping Starr as she looked at the now dead body of a fallen comrade. She looked at the black creature as it made its way towards her ready to resume their fight, the black werewolf leaped in the air and was cut short when two bullets from Chris Larabee fired cutting the creature down. The werewolf reverted back to its human form. Starr was very grateful to Chris; she saw his gun waver as he fell back down behind the counter. Buck saw the final out come of the last werewolf killed by his long time friend and he too saw Chris fall.

Both went over, as the others became aware of the situation. James also saw his brother killed and raced over to his side. Josiah looked at his friend feeling for a pulse and found none. When Jason hit the wall fragments of glass from the saloon window had puncture his back killing him. He closed his friend’s eyes and went looking for his other comrades.

Buck lean down to check Chris, turning him over Starr began licking his face again. Chris becoming annoyed pushed the wolf away. “Buck, you mind telling her not to do that.” Buck smiled as he slowly lifted his friend to a sitting position Ezra and Vin circled around making their way to their leader. All of them moved to make room for Nathan.

Nathan looks him over the bleeding has stop, “Chris? How many fingers can you see?”

Chris gives him an annoyed look, “two.”

He tries to get up but is held down by the healer, “hold still, you’re worse than Ezra. Now is your vision blurred, do you feel sick?”

“No on both counts.” He looks around checking to see if his family is still in one piece. “How’s everyone?”

Vin checks around seeing Josiah arrive, and noticing the two fallen men, “we lost Brian and Alexander.”

Chris sighed, “Dam. What about the werewolves they all dead?”

“Yeah, its one hell of a bloody mess,” replied Vin.

Chris smirked at the trackers answer, “Nathan? You mind if I get up now?”

Buck and Nathan took hold of both sides of their leader and walked him over to a chair. Chris looks at the carnage of the evening’s attack. Everyone was silent also noting the bloodbath left behind.

Chris placed his hand onto his head trying to alleviate his pounding headache. “Are you sure everyone’s okay? No, bite marks on anyone?”

Nathan quickly checks them all; some have bloody marks but due to cuts and abrasions from falling. Nathan notices the scratches on Vin’s forearm. “Its okay Nathan I got this from when one of Starr’s friends fell on me, not sure if it was a male or female but it manage to cut me with its paws as we were trying to get up.” They all sighed with relief.

JD looked around; “well looks like the good guys win again.” Buck couldn’t help it as he smiled at the kid and patted his back.

Indeed, one incredible night no one would soon forget. Morning would be upon them soon, Chris ordered his men to discard the bodies before the towns people saw the end result. Most of the towns folk were not told what to expect only that trouble was coming he didn’t what them to see the naked bloody bodies of men and women whom the seven with the help of three others and an army of wolves manage to put an end too.

Josiah helps James the only surviving member of the Legacy with his brother and mentor and the ex-preachers long time friend Jason Alexander. Yes, it was a night not soon to be forgotten. Starr had reverted to her human form Miranda and helped the others with the night’s events.

Nathan managed to get Chris to hold still while he finished tending to his head wound. After the bodies were taken the residents were brought out from their hidden shelters. Mary and Billy along with others were in the saloon's cellar they were let out first. Mary on seeing Chris’ wound immediately became worried. Nathan quickly put her at ease.


The sun had risen to indicate a new beginning; Chris, Nathan, Mary, Ezra, Billy and Inez were the only once left in the saloon. Ezra and Inez began cleaning up the place. Mary and Billy stood by Chris making sure he was all right and Nathan was still fussy, the leader becoming annoyed at all the attention. The gambler smirking while watching the healer looking after the dark clad gunslinger.

At the entrance to the saloon a young boy and a rather imposing animal made their way through. They saw a black man, a woman and small boy looking after a tall slender man who was sitting on a chair. Adam Larabee was searching the saloon hoping to see a familiar face. He stood watching the man in the chair.

Chris looked up when he heard the batwing doors swing. He saw a boy and wolf enter. He couldn’t tell who they were the sunlight from outside brought the boy in shadow. As both walked in further he noticed the boy watching him. Ezra and Inez were in the back cleaning. The gambler then heard a familiar voice call him he knew Darkling had arrived as promised. The other wolves had since gone so not to scare any of the residents. Starr had reverted back to her human form Miranda and was helping the others with the bodies as well as with the residents who might need assistance.

The gambler came out and looked at the new arrivals then at Chris. The boy and man stared at one another not sure at what they were seeing. Both afraid to hope, the gunslinger stood up, Mary and Billy unsure what was going on. The boy stepped up a little afraid. “Pa?” Was all he could say, his voice a little unsure, on hearing the boy’s words Chris Larabee took in a quick in-take of breath Chris closed his eyes not sure if he were seeing a ghost or illusion.

“Adam?” He choked a little at the sound of his son’s name passing through his own lips. When he heard his father’s voice he smiled Adam wanted nothing more than to jump in his ‘Pa’s’ arms, but he hesitated something was wrong his father wasn’t smiling or welcoming him.

Ezra saw that Chris was in shock. He didn’t expect this reaction from the gunslinger he slowly walked over to his friend and placed a hand on his shoulder. Chris turn around to look at the gambler and Ezra saw the glassy eyes. He had to be careful. “Chris.” He said in his soft southern drawl. “I know we didn’t get off to a good start when we first met. But I know that you trust me and I would never do anything to hurt you. Do you believe me?” Chris only nodded ‘yes’.

So the gambler continued, “okay, by some miracle or twist of fate your son Adam survived and has been living among Starr’s people for the last three years.” Taking Chris’ arm he guided him to the boy. “Chris this is your son Adam.”

Chris stared at the boy and trembled as he kneeled in front of his son. With his hands he touch the boy feeling the warmth of his face looking at how tall he’d gotten since last he saw him. When he realized that this was no illusion he smiled and took him into his arms and embraced him letting out a sigh with tears falling from his eyes and yes you could even hear him crying. Adam put his arms around his father feeling the same way and cried himself. The gambler was stun to hear Chris cry but then he’d never experience the lost of a child and what it does to a father. He couldn’t help himself he too kneeled down and put his arms around both father and son and held them both tightly.

A few seconds later the rest of the boys and friends return passing through those same batwing doors and watch in astonishment three people crying and one of them their illustrious dark-clad leader. Vin who knew about the boy was still shock to see Chris’ reaction.

Buck was the one who broke everyone's astonishment in his usual manner, “what the hells going on?”

Chris release his hold on his son and turns to the only man that witness the destruction of his soul when he found the charred remains of his wife and son. “Buck! Its Adam he’s come back to us.” As he choke back a cry with tears still falling.

Buck then looked at the boy and could not believe his eyes he too came over and kneeled before the boy all-oblivious of the wolf who brought him. In understanding, he had moved away watching the boys family embracing his long over due return. Laughing, Buck turns the boy once Chris lets go, “well howdy their buckaroo.” He too embraces the boy.

Chris stands up wiping the tears from his face, lifting his son into his arms he turns to the rest of his friends. Taking in a breath, “boys I’d like you to meet my son Adam.” They were all astounded; the only two who knew about the boy was Ezra and Vin who met him yesterday. “This is Nathan, Josiah and JD.” He son stretching out his hand smiled at each man. Chris looking at his son, “I take it you’ve already met Vin and Ezra.” The boy nods his head ‘yes’. Mary came over, Chris watched as she approached, she smiled at Adam, “hello, I’m Mary Travis.” Chris could not find the words to continue introducing his son; he still could not believe that Adam was/is alive. Adam smiled at Mary, “good morning Miss. Travis, I’m Adam Larabee.” Both shook hands.

Chris put Adam down and Mary proceeded to introduce her son. “This is my son Billy.” Both children shook hands. They are approximately the same age, Adam slightly taller because of his father’s height, also his hair a darker shade of brown and skin darker because he spent most days outdoor.

Adam stayed close to his father everything was so new, except for Buck. Staring at him Buck smiled back. “What are you smiling at?”

“Your mustache, it’s a lot bigger than I remember,” replied Adam.

Buck couldn’t help him self, he lifted the boy up throwing him into the air. Adam laughing remembers all the fun time he had with Buck. Vin had exited quietly and returned with two fishing poles. Ezra saw this and smiled.

“Chris I think you and Adam are quite overdue for a fishing trip.” Remembering what Adam said, that the last thing Chris had told his son was when he and Buck returned they would go fishing. He saw the gunslinger start to protest. As much as he would like too, there was a lot to do in town. Ezra anticipated this and waved at him, “not to worry Chris I think we can handle things here until your return, that way Adam can fill you in on all of his adventures.”

Without another word Chris found his horse all ready saddled and both son and father rode off to catch up on a very long three-year separation. Ezra and Vin followed by the rest of their friend’s watch them leave amazed that this was actually happening.

Buck looking at both conspirators asked, “all right, what the hells going on?”

Ezra looked over to Vin, “why don’t you explain it to our boisterous friend while I go say goodbye to another.” They all looked at whom the gambler meant.

All the men entered the saloon along with Mary, Billy and Miranda waiting for the explanation of Adam’s miraculous return. Outside Darkling was making his way to return to his family when Ezra called out to him.

“Thank you, for watching over the boy.” The gambler reached the dark wolf and kneeled in front of the large beast. Ezra looked into the gold eyes of the wolf and marveled at the ancient orbs. “And for keeping him safe all these years.”

“His mother was a friend to us. We are only sorry we could not save her.” The wolf looked into the gamblers green eyes and nuzzled his face. Wolves by nature are family structured each member has a place in the pack. Because Darkling and his family are werewolves does not make them any different. They too have a structure in their family. Ezra smiled at the wolf, “I’m sure Adam would like to return on occasion for a visit, would you mind if the both of us visited you?”

“Not at all, we would be very pleased. Adam has been like a son and brother to my children. You are always welcome.” The wolf replied. He then looked over his shoulder and noticed the others waiting for him. “I must go now, good luck to the both of you.” Darkling did not wait for a reply, he just turn and ran off towards his family.

Ezra watched and felt strange. He had never thought him self-special; to the world he is nothing more than a gambler and con artist. But now, he wondered if he couldn’t be more. Ezra went back inside the saloon, to hear Vin’s ending story of how they discovered Adam. They all turn as the gambler approach their table; Buck slapped him on the back. Ezra just shrug, “we were merely at the right place at the right time.” He still felt uncomfortable about being labeled a hero.

After everything was said and done they all took their leave remembering the promise to Chris that they would handle what needed done. Mary and Billy returned to the Clarion while Vin and Buck went out on patrol making sure everyone reach their destination safe. JD stayed at the sheriff’s office to watch over the town. Nathan went to his clinic; Ezra stayed in the saloon hoping for a game of chance to distract him from the night’s events, Josiah with Miranda headed to the church followed by James.


In the Church both Miranda and Josiah sat with James Elliot the only member left from the Legacy group. The ex-preacher looked at the young man. “I know it will be a long journey, but I would prefer to take my brother and Jason back with me.” Looking at the preacher with determination.

“I understand James, but Miranda and I would like to go with you. We can help.” James looked at the preacher who was also determined to lend his services. James nodded ‘yes’. He realized he could use the help. Both bodies were at the undertakers and James walked over to see that they were taken care of. Leaving Miranda and Josiah alone.

“Josiah, I’ve been thinking a lot about you and how we left things unspoken. I still have feelings for you.” She looked at the preacher hoping to hear similar words.

“I feel the same way, but we both have different worlds which we live in.” The preacher walked around the pew to face the young woman. “It is not just that you are a werewolf, but also how I feel, that I’ve lost my way somehow.”

She looked down, “is it because of the argument between you and your father over me? Is that what cause you to lose your way?”

“I just thought that my faith was place in only one avenue. But I failed to see more, that creatures such as yourself could also be good.” Looking at Miranda, “my father would have killed you, because he believed that all werewolves were and are evil. That’s how I believed as well until you changed that. Since then I’ve search for knowledge in other faiths.”

“I’m not sure why I ended up in this town, or why I’ve decided to be a lawman, but there is something special about this place. I want to find what that is.” Taking her hand, “you don’t have to leave you know. You’ve found your people here, we could still see each other and see what develops.”

Miranda smiled, “you’re right, I mean in a small town like this I found three old friends, a gambler who can talk to wolves and a long lost tribe that I belong too.” She laughed, “I think I will stay and see what develops.” She stood up and looked into Josiah’s bright blue eyes then made her way to his lips and kissed him. He returns that kiss and holds her in his arms.


The lake where JD and Casey use to visit while they were together, we hear laughter as two people with fishing poles cast their line in the water and then sit talking. Chris Larabee and Adam Larabee, father and son have at last found one another, they sit waiting for their bait to catch some unsuspecting fish to pass by, while sitting talking about what they have miss. Three years is a long time but now they have that time again to catch up and make new memories for both their futures.

One could not help but smile at their reunion, how the years that pass seem not to matter to these two. One could not image the difficulty of their separation or even contemplate that it would have ended like this. But seeing father and son talk and laugh and be whole again makes you realize that good things can happen to good people, and in a harsh world, that has to count for something?


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