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Mommy, Please Don't Cry
Author, Linda DeYmaz ~ Illustrator, Sabrina Smith

In Loving Memory of
Cody Wayne Fugate
September 27, 1993 - December 19, 2001

"A Very Special Thank You to Ella, mommy of Angel Merri Kathryn and dear friend, for giving me this book. It means so much and has been very comforting on several occasions. I hope this book will comfort other Angel Moms
as well........ Love, Michelle (Angel Cody's Mommy)"

From the author's note about this book ~
"Throughout much of my life, the thought of Heaven intimidated me. Since I was uncertain of what it involved, I was afraid to die. However, through the experience of losing my child, I have become more intensely aware and expectant of Heaven. My deep sorrow has helped me understand the Bible and God’s promises concerning Heaven.
Writing down my thoughts during quiet times of reflection helped me work through my depression and pain. For this reason, I’ve included a few blank pages at the back of this book if you would like to record your own special remembrances.
I often sat on my front porch and watched the beautiful sunsets, trying to envision what my little girl might be experiencing in Heaven at that very moment; running and laughing, playing with so many other little ones, walking with her great-grandparents and meeting faithful people mentioned in the Bible.
Many times my eyes have filled with tears of joy knowing that someday I will be with her again. My little child … and yours … are loved and cared for in that wonderful place called Heaven. They are safe and secure in the arms of Jesus.
Knowing that my little girl is alive in Heaven and that one day I will be reunit­ed with her, is one of my deepest treasures. Heaven means more to me now and my apprehensions about death have been eased. I live with an over­whelming sense of hope and comfort, as well as with the joyful anticipation of joining her there.

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A friend can hear a tear drop.

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