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Rakasseh Studio School of Cultural Dance Arts

Raks El Sharki

Raks El Sharki is a term that is used in the Middle East to name an often neglected and misunderstood dance art form. This term translates as “Oriental Dance” or Dance of the Orient, although it is wrongfully termed as “belly dance” in North America and parts of Europe.

This dance is thought to be one of the earliest of the dance art forms, and although it does not have a recorded date many believe it to be well over two thousand years old.

In ancient Egypt, the women used to dance for the pleasure of their many Gods, until eventually, over time, it was transformed into something that was largely performed for the enjoyment of others.

The recent emergence of the Goddess movement has spurred a new outlook on Middle Eastern Dance. It has caused women all over the world to learn to appreciate their bodies, despite shape or size. As well, it has allowed women to grow spiritually and mentally.

Experience the wonder that has united women for over two thousand years.

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