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Hiba, as an Arab-Canadian, had always had an interest in the unusual and exotic Middle Eastern Arts, particularly what is commonly referred to as ”Belly Dance”.

Her curiousity compelled her to learn more about this interesting art form and she soon fell in love with the beautifully haunting music, glittering costumes, and enthralling movements.

When she was fifteen she began studying with top-professional and principle dancer of Arabesque Dance Company Kara Culp-Wenman.

Hiba continued to take regular classes and private lessons with Kara along with workshops with some of North America's best Middle Eastern Artists such as Yasmina Ramzy, artistic director of Arabesque Dance Company, Mayada and Roula Said of the Toronto Belly Dance Collective, Samara, Phaedra, and Jajouka of the Ibrahim Farrah School of Middle Eastern Dance in New York, Hadia of Calgary, dumbek drumming with Sheldon Valeda, dumbek with master drummers Amer Matri and Suleiman Warwar of Toronto.

Hiba learned unusually quickly and within one years time was teaching Middle Eastern Dance regularly at Kara's school, Ankhara School of Middle Eastern Dance as well as the University of Guelph.

In January 2002, hiba founded Hibatellah School of Middle Eastern Dance, which started with one Middle Eastern Dance class per week with an average of four people. The school is now known as Rakasseh Studio: School of Cultural Dance Arts, which offers seven to ten Middle Eastern Dance Classes per week with an average of 10 students in each class.

Rakasseh Studio also hosts regular Middle Eastern Dance workshops as well as African Dance and Yoga, with hopes to offer Thai Chi, Modern Dance, and Pilates in the future.

In December 2002, Hiba opened the Rakasseh Studio Boutique, which offers all of the needs of the dancer from fully beaded costumes, to belly dance inspired baby tees.

Hiba is known for her unique and creative style and especially for her favorite the Drum Solo!

Come and learn Middle Eastern Dance with an experienced teacher in a fun and easy going environment.