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Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps
a singing bird will come
-Chinese Proverb

Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership This is the website for the partnership to reintroduce migratory whooping cranes to eastern North America.
The project notes are in the Florida or Bust 2000 secton.

Spring and Fall Migration Timetable This website shows the spring and fall bird migration times for several states

Real Bird Homes This website shows homemade nestboxes built by Gary Springer.

Northern Michigan Birding A northern Michigan birding website. Information and answers to birding questions around the country and world.

American Birding Association The online website for the American Birding Association. One of the best sources for information on hummingbirds in North America.

The Bluebird Reference Guide One of the best sources of information and links about Bluebirds.

Virtual An online birding publication. A complete guide to over 4800 North American plants and animals.

Bird Links Bird links to the world hosted by Bird Studies Canada.