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Where Is Guy Williams' Bench in Central Park?

Enter the park at 67th Street or through the parking lot of the Tavern on the Green Restaurant.

Once you go past Tavern on the Green, cross the drive. Mind the bicycles and rollerbladers.

You can walk along the left path bordering Sheep Meadow on the right

Cross the next road. Watch out for rollerbladers!

Follow the sidewalk past the fence enclosing the elms on the right. Most likely, there will be a lot of loud music on your left.

Turn right onto the mall. You can't miss it. It is a beautiful avenue shaded on either side by old American elm trees.

Follow the avenue to the end, where the statues are.

Here you will see the avenue open up to a plaza. This is the Olmsted Flower Bed.

Head toward Columbus' statue on the right.

Guy's bench is not directly behind the statue (and the Spanish flag) but a little to the right of it. It is almost exactly opposite Shakespeare's statue as shown in the picture. To get to the chess house, you cross 65th Street (mind the horse and buggies) and follow the path. You will see, on the right, a brick structure on a rock. That's the chess house! The steps leading up to it are on the right. (The Dairy, the park's information center, is on the left.)

On the other side of the chess house, go down, cross the road, and you will hear the carousel music. It's always fun to watch the carousel!

ALTERNATE ROUTE, from Grand Army Plaza (Fifth Avenue)

Follow the path past the pond and through the zoo entrance. Past the zoo entrance, the path will veer to the left and go into a small tunnel. When you come out of the tunnel, turn left and walk a short distance to Olmstead Plaza (you're already on the Mall). You'll be on the Shakespeare side, so just head for Christopher Columbus and the bench.