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A Beautiful Surprise

And then, I detected some buzzing in the crowd. Kathy Gregory was pointing to my right, and Sue Pearce (Suezzz to all of us) was bouncing on her toes. I had a feeling I knew what had just happened, and I looked to my right, over to where the plaza meets up with 65th Street. Guy Jr just seemed to stroll onto the plaza. He wasn't alone, though. His mother, the lovely Janice Williams, was strolling right alongside him. Now, I'd known for about a week or two that Janice was probably coming, but I wasn't positive, so I didn't tell anyone. Only Kathy G knew, and she kept it to herself as well. The night before, I did know that she was in town, but Kathy, Wendell, and I kept it a secret when we gathered for dinner and in the suite at the Michelangelo Hotel. It was a hard secret to keep.

I just remember Janice asking me, "Are you Mary?" and I was very glad, at that moment, that I was!

A hug from Janice

Since I'd met Janice at the Star ceremony in August, I had been so impressed with her. Nothing I've learned about her has diminished my admiration for the strong woman who started out in Tennessee and who never forgot her roots. Without her, I'm not sure Guy would have persisted in going to California, and there may not have been a Zorro with Guy Williams. She was the strength behind the guy, and always classy, always thoughtful, always beautiful. This project had always included her because it could, and because Central Park had been so meaningful to her. I don't always like the business of fandom where strangers think they both know and own human beings (fortunately that is not a characteristic of our List), so even in this gesture to Janice, I knew I had to step away. But first, I wanted to give her a hug.

Guy Jr Had Made It All Possible

Guy, Jr. and I had spent a few weeks going back and forth with the logistical problems involving Chiller Theater and getting to the ceremony on time. It had been frustrating for both of us at times, but it had worked out for the absolute best. Not only did he get to work Chiller Theater for the many fans who showed up to honor Guy, he got to visit New York and walk through Central Park with his mother. Plus, he had a whirlwind of a weekend. He was definitely responsible for the success of the ceremony, and his quiet presence and whimsical humor lent a wonderful note to our celebration. The Williams family certainly jazzed up the plaza that Friday! The Ceremony Continues!