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Dedicating Guy's Bench, October 25, 2002

The dedication for Guy Williams' bench in Central Park was a "family" affair that Friday. Although it was chilly (about 55 degrees) and cloudy, the warmth on the plaza by the Olmsted Flower Bed just off the Mall at 65th Street felt sun-drenched.

At the appointed time, the Z Caballeros led off with music from "Zorro," arranged by Erik der Val, the sweet man married to list member Ans der Val, from the Netherlands. My favorite moment, however, was when the violinist played "Diego's Theme", which she had transcribed from Vivi's CD. She had also written it out and handed it to me at the end of the ceremony. I love that music, and I love that, during the ceremony, they at times speeded up the music - for Zorro! But do also notice the international flavor to our list!

After the Latin and the Zorro music, it was time to start! With the help of a few cell phone messages signaled to me by Kathy Gregory (thank goodness for both Kathy and cell phones), we needed to be alert to the timing, as we were expecting Guy Williams, Jr. Susan Pearce and Paulette, whom I'd managed to convey two sets of directions to at once (so they ended up at East 67th Street) had just arrived, after some harrowing cell phone conversations and a frantic wave of the rose in my hand. "Can you see me? I'm standing here waving a rose!" "I see you!" Sue Pearce shrieked.

With not an ounce of subtlety, I went over to Sue Kite and to Sue Pearce and told them, "Keep your cameras running!"

So I started the ceremony, with a few looks over my right shoulder. When Zorro is out at play, you just don't know what could happen! And today, magic was all around.

The Musicians

The Z Caballeros, were led by Michael Barry of Laughing Buddha Productions. These guys were wonderful. I'd given Mike the music about a week before, and they'd rehearsed a couple of days. And, as Mike said to me, "This will be our first bench dedication." Mine, too!

Starting up

In addition to representatives from our list, about 40 people meandered through the plaza that Friday and stayed to watch. The list people stayed mostly to my left and center, with the newcomers on the right. A CBS cameraman wandered in, too. (When I got home on Monday, there was a message on my machine from the CBS guys saying that they couldn't find the bench, and could I call them back. Thanks to that fellow New Yorker who sent both the CBS guys and Suezzzzz and Paulette in the right direction!)

Starting up

I wasn't sure how Guy Jr was going to be coming into the plaza. Or if Wendell would get him here from New Jersey (Guy Jr was working the Chiller Convention over the river) to the park in time, what with traffic and all that. Various entrances had been discussed, including cab, car, horse & buggy. I glanced toward the road - to my right several times, and also checked up at the sky, thinking that a parachute might wend its way down, or a skyplane. The Ceremony Continues