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My Zorro Stories

For a couple of years, I wrote several stories about my earliest childhood hero, Zorro. The only Zorro - Walt Disney's version. My other writing work could sometimes entangle me in historical research that could take away from the story. You didn't have to do that with Walt Disney's Zorro - well, you could if you wanted, and there are several masters of historical WD Zorro fiction out there (Sue Kite for one).

I used Zorro to escape from research - except from what I saw on the show and what I already knew about California history. Walt Disney's Zorro borrowed from different eras (even 1940s movie westerns when it came to women's garb and wandered into Abbott and Costello references one or two times - and it worked!). I wanted to get back to a sense of writing for entertainment and making sure the reader was still with me. I had a lot of fun with these stories.

These links will take you to the pages of Enmascarado, where there are many more stories about Walt Disney's Zorro, as well as poems and pictures. The site is a beautiful work by MaryAnn T. Beverly and Kay Long.

All Zorro characters created by The Walt Disney Company are copyrighted by the Walt Disney Company. All other characters are copyrighted by the individual writer/artist and may not be reproduced without express permission. All rights are reserved. Copyright 2008.

Zorro Stories - Romances and Some Different Angles

Note in an Old Book
La Cancion de su Corazon (The Song of Bernardo's Heart)
Mi Dulce Amante - 8 part romance
The Story of the Cat Fox Man (one of Zorro's smaller helpers)
Thoughts of One Who Runs Like the Wind (Tornado remembers)
A Dangerous Liberty (Diego is in Monterey; meanwhile, in Los Angeles, what is Tornado up to? )
Through a White Hole to a Black Mask

Other Writing/Singing Projects

Who Have the Power (novel)
Through the Years (a CD)