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Stories with Holes

Directions: Read the scenario to the girls. Then they ask you yes or no questions to discover what happened.

Story 1: The man was afraid to go home because the man with the mask was there. Answer: The man with the mask was a catcher in a baseball team. The other man was a base runner.

Story 2: Dan and Don entered a tavern and were served identical drinks. Don drank is slowly and died. Dan drank is quickly and was fine. Answer: There was poison in the ice

Story 3: A famous scientist was awarded a government prize for his invention of an new weapon. He decided to invite a number of his friend to a party in the lab. For entertainment, he provided a juggler, an opera soprano, and a ballet dancer. At the height of the evening, all present were suddenly and mysteriously killed. Answer: The soprano sang a high note, exploding the glass bottle of lethal gas, the new weapon

Story 4: John and Mary are on the floor. Theer are pieces of broken glass and a puddle of liquid also on the floor. Mary is dead. Answer: John, a cat, knocked over a fishbowl, in which, Mary, a fish, lived.

Story 5: A travelor on a desserted road came upon the body of a man lying by the roadside, dead. The dead man was wearing a knapsack. Though there are no marks on the body, or blood anywhere, the travelor could tell immediantly the cause of death. Answer: The knapsack was an unopened parachute

Story 6: Sylvester had just recieved a promotion in his company. To celebrate, Sylvester and his wife invited his boss, his boss's wife and a party of 70 for dinner. A fire broke out during the party and no one escaped from the room. In the morning, fireman found the bodies of only 5 people in the ruins. Answer: There was never more than 5 people there: the man, his wife, the boss, the boss's wife and the party of 70, an elderly man.

Story 7: One hundred people were traveling down the Amazon River on a flatboat when the boat, in calm water, capsized and all were drowned. Answer: A huge snake was sighted hanging over the river from a tree branch. The passengers panicked, and all of them ran to the other side of the boat to get away, capsizing the boat.

Story 8: Mr. Allen was reading a newspaper and came across an article about the death of a woman in the Swiss Alps. Reading that Dr. Jone's wife had accidentally fallen to her death while skiing, Mr. Allen went to the police and told them "Jones murdered his wife". After questionting, Jones confessed to the crime. How did Mr. Allen know? Answer: Mr. Allen is a travel agent. He remembered selling Jones a one way ticket and a round trip ticket to Switzerland.

Story 9: A doctor was driving his son to school one day when their car was rammed by a truck. The doctor was killed and his son seriously injured. The son was rushed to a nearby hospital and prepared for surgery, however, when he was wheeled into surgery the surgeon announced: "I can't operate, this is my son." Answer: the surgeon was the boys mother.

Story 10: A mans dead body hangs form rope tied to the center of a ceiling beam in a large empty room. His feet are ten feet from the floor. Nothing else is in the room. Answer: The man climbed upon a stack of ice, attached the rope and waited for the ice to melt.

Story 11: A gang of thieves robs a warehouse one night. They capture two night watchmen and place them unharmed and unbound into the trunk of a car parked nearby. The next morning, when employees hear sounds coming from the trunk, they open it. A man steps out, alive and well, and the other man is dead. Answer: The survivor breathed air from the spare tire.

Story 12: A murder was committed before thousands of people, but all of them thought it was an accident. Answer: A trapeze artist who took his cues from the organist for when to start, reach and land, fell to his death. The organist had purposely changed the tempt in mid-act to throw him off.

Story 13: A man lies dead in a room with 53 bicycles. Answer: The man had been playing cards for money. He had cheated by pulling an extra ace from his sleeve. His opponent had shot him and fled. The bicycles are Bicycle playing cards.

Story 14: A man has been murdered while sittting int he driver's seat of his car. Although there are numerous bulleet wounds in the body and all the doors and windows of the car are tightly closed and locked, there are no bullet holes anywhere in the car. Answer: The car is a convertible with the top down.

Story 15: A man is in a cabin. There is broken glass on the floor. The man is dead. Answer: There was a plane crash and he is lying dead in an airplane cabin

Story 16: A woman walks into a bar and orders a glass of water. The bartender gives her the water and points a gun at her. She says "thank you" and walks out. Answer: The bartender cured her hiccups.

Story 17: If the man had seen the sawdust, he wouldn't have died. Answer: The man was a blind midget in a circus. His competitor slowly, piece by piece, sawed his blind can shorter to make him think that he was growing and would lose his job. The blind midget committed suicide.

Story 18: Every morning, the man walkes out of his apartment on the 18th floor, and rides the elevator down to the lobby. Every afternoon, after work, he rides up on the eleveator to the 8th floor, gets out and walks the rest of the way up to the 18th floor, using the stairs, except on rainy days, when he rides the elevator all the way up to the 18th floor. Answer: The man is a midget and can't reach buttons higher than the 8th floor, except when he carrries his umbrella, on rainy days.

Story 19: A man with a long beard walks into a restauran and orders the albatross. Taking a bite, the man runs from the restraunt. Answer: The man had been shipwrecked for a long time. Not all of his ship friends had survived. The cook had found some meat and cooked it up, calling it albatross. Now, eating the albatross, he realizs that he had been eating the flesh of his dead friends.

Story 20: During the night, while the man and his wife slept in their apartment, a storm knocked off the electricity. In the morning, the wife was dead. Answer: His wife lived in an iron lung and died when the electricity was shut off.

Story 21: A man is lying dead in a field next to a rock. Answer: The man is Superman and the rock is Kryptonite.

Story 22: A man rolls a wheelbarrow up to a motel, pays some money. A little bit lager, he rolls the wheelbarrow away. Answer: The man is playing monopoly.

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