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Support Page

If you have a problem with PFS2, please check these pages before contacting support.
Checking Mark Harden's FAQ will answer a lot of questions.

When contacting support, don't forget to mention :

We try to answer as quickly as possible.

Note we will not repair harddisks destroyed by one of the pirate versions of PFS2!



PFS2 V4.2 patches

The latest version of PFS2 is V4.2. This version supports partitions upto 104 GB and has some bugfixes, for a complete list read the 'readme' file in the archive. Download now: PFS2_4142.lha (599KB) readme for upgrade patches for PFS2 V4.1 to PFS2 V4

Frequently Reported Problems

The PFS2 V4.2 patch won't install

Check your PFS2 CD cover first. Trying to install the V4.2 patch when you already use V4.2 will produce errors.

Unable to compile script: invalid parameter on line 9

This message is caused by an obsolete version of Installer. Please use V43.3, which can be downloaded from Aminet: Amiga Technologies V43.3 Installer

This copy of Professional File System II is invalid

PFS2  doesn't work on my 4GB+ harddisk

The standard PFS2 version can only access the lower 4GB of the harddisk. To access the area above 4GB the direct scsi version, which has been specially designed for this purpose, has to be installed.

PFS2 uses all my Chip RAM

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