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Kang Fu

Great Effects Development is proud to present Kang Fu. A game for AGA Amiga's with CD-ROM. Kang Fu is an arcade platform game in which you play Klont the Kangaroo. You have to find your lost baby kangaroos (joey's) who are spread all over the levels. Enemies, animals and objects try to block your way and make your quest harder. But luckily there are numerous weapons and bonuses spread throughout the levels, such as guns, bombs, boomerangs, diamonds, bonuses and other stuff. Klont himself is not completely defenseless as he can kick or jump on enemies to squash them!

The levels are not plain areas, they are real mazes with hidden galleries and invisible platforms. You do not only have to find the exit, some entrances are blocked with keys and you need the right combination of keys to open them, so a little puzzling is also involved! At the end of each level, you are confronted with a huge (really HUGE) endboss. They are about the largest you'll ever see ! Of course you have to kill them before they kill you !

So the concept is not new or original, platform games have been around for almost 15 years now. But what is really exceptional about Kang Fu is that we have succeeded in making it the best platform game for the new generation of Amiga's, the AGA machines. The technical specifications are really outstanding, we managed to get upto 1000 colors on screen, in highres, and dual playfield! Of course a game has to remain smoothly playable, so it is fullframe 8 way scrolling on all Amiga's, not only the A4000's but also the 2MB 1200 and CD32. All this is done on a full size, 640 * 280, screen!

If this sounds too good to be true, then have a look at a couple of our screenshots. Keep in mind that the screenshots are small and GIF is limited to only 256 colors, so the actual game looks much better than the screenshots!

Kang-FU is available throughout Europe and has been reviewed in several magazines.

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Download a demo from aminet (6MB)

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