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Christine and Paul


Here are my thoughts on The Young & the Restless; the number one soap opera in America!

For over forty-six years, The Young and the Restless has been a vital, integral and exciting part of my life.

Genoa City, Wisconsin seems like home and its' inhabitants are my extended family! These people seem real to me!

I was a young woman when I first tuned in and watched history being made. When I viewed that first 30 minute episode many, many years ago on March 26th, 1973, I never imagined I would still be watching 46 years later. I never imagined it would last so long. This long-continuing saga had me hooked from day one.

I am lured on a daily basis into this surreal TV world we call The Young and the Restless.

Screen Shot

It goes back (way back) to the days of Snapper, and Sally McGuire, Brad Eliot, Stuart Brooks, Leslie, Barbara Anderson, Pierre, Laurie, and Lance. Through the years I have watched the Brooks' girls blossom into women, Victor become "Ruthless", Katherine sleep with stable boys, Nikki strip at The Bayou, Rose steal Nina's baby, people break into song in the most unlikely places, and everything in between.

Many characters have married, murdered, given birth, died, slept around, divorced, been kidnapped, lied to, stolen from, cheated on, slept around some more, and even been murdered throughout the years.

Just like real life!!!

Characters change personalities mid-storyline, some die and come back to life, babies turn into teens overnight, some clone into twins, some never age, and some are forgotten altogether!

Some are just as elegant today as in years past


Jill Abbott, a Jabot Corporate Executive, started out as a manicurist when she was much younger. Then she became Katherine's 'personal assistant' and stole her husband!

Jill & Billy

Now she has a grown son and dated a man twenty years younger than her.

Some find each other again after all these years and many marriages in between.

Victor and Nikki

Some grow into womanhood on the show when they join the cast while still young.


Some characters change jobs or disappear overnight.
Esther's daughter Kate had been "upstairs studying" for years and now she's grown up and has a new name (Chloe).

Paul seemed to forget he had a grown daughter and although Heather was back in his life for years he didn't talk about his young son, Ricky who instead of being a kid, was a grown man. Killed by his father no less. Victor hadn't mentioned Victor Junior in ages until he also reappeared with a new name (Adam). Jack doesn't even mention Keemo anymore but recently was visited by Diane and their son Kyle. Diane is now also in Y&R Heaven.

Dr. Joshua Landers died and never did have that funeral yet

Brad Carlton, a former Newman Corporate Executive, was once John Abbott's Pool Boy! Formerly his son-in-law, poor Brad is also no longer with us!


I am reality based; however, in no time these characters came alive for me, the world they inhabited became mine.
This was for me, a warm respite in an unstable world.

The residents of Genoa City became like family to me!~


I care about what happens to them!

I've let them become real.

They provide me with an enjoyable form of entertainment that allows me to explore as well as express my feelings.
I can experience a micro-vacation from my hurried life by merely turning on the television.

Watching Young and the Restless offers me a place to laugh, to cry, to gaze at the screen in complete bewilderment, to gasp out loud, to grieve, to yell at the characters, and a chance to fantasize and daydream.

And a place to ogle the resident hunks of Genoa City!!




At times Y&R simply provides some background noise to amuse myself while busy with other worldly tasks.

But the Young and the Restless is always present in my life; and I've somehow managed to catch every episode I can, even when traveling.

Bless you, whoever invented the VCR!!!
In this age of Tivo and DVR, I still tape Young and the Restless every single day ~ 24/7 on VHS and watch every single episode!!!

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