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Planet Hollywood

Hi, I'm Ellyn...
Welcome to my Online Photo Gallery!!!!


My entire family together for the first time in years.
I'm fourth from the left.
A sad occasion, my aunt's funeral, yet a reunion for us all.

Mother's Day 1998

Following are some of my favorite vacation snapshots.
Taken in Playa Paraiso, Playa del Carmen, and Cancun Mexico over the last several years!

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Ellyn ~ Playa Fiesta 2004
Playa 2004 ~ Ellyn at the PDC'04 Fiesta,

Girls with Attitudes
Playa 2004 ~ Ellyn and Amigas showing some 'tude.

Sunrise Service at Beach
Playa 2004 ~ Exquisite makeshift beach altar. photo credit: Sandi

Group Shot PDC PF'04
Playa 2004 ~ All of us assembled for a group shot at the Fiesta.

Iberostar Paraiso
Playa 2004 ~ Resort postcard shows the beauty within.

Child Pondering the Sea
Playa 2004 ~ Jon's son Colin at the sunrise service.

Sandy Feet
Playa 2004 ~ Ellyn blissfully reenacting a Corona Commercial.

Playa 2004 ~ Ellyn and galpals reenacting Doris famous backshots.

Ellyn at Lindo
Playa 2004 ~ Ellyn in the beautiful Lindo Lobby after dinner.

Akumal Library
Playa 2004 ~ Sweet children at the library say Gracias.

Pelican on Pier
Playa 2004 ~ Pelican on the pier at the beach.

Ellyn Discovers Alberto's Bar
Playacar 2003 ~ Ellyn at the bar enjoying a margarita.

Quetzal Bungalows
Playacar 2003 ~ Pastel bungalows on on the Quetzal Side.

Ellyn at La Hacienda
Playacar 2003 ~ Delicious Mexican food and drinks.

Me 'n Iqqy
Playacar 2003 ~ Ellyn holding a huge Iguana for a photo op.

Aerial View of Resort
Playacar 2003 ~ Picture postcard with bird's eye view of IBQ ~ Playacar.

Iberostar Beach
Playacar 2003 ~ The beach at the Iberostar Quetzal.

Ocean View
Playacar 2003 ~ My very partial ocean view from room 2122.

Maid's Handiwork
Playacar 2003 ~ Beautiful towel swan with hibiscus and chocolates.

Bar Friends
Playacar 2003 ~ Throwing back some of Alberto's Shots.

Boats at Dawn
Playacar 2003 ~ Beautiful pastel boats in the predawn stillness.

Playacar Mercados
Playacar 2003 ~ Shopping area near IBQ.

Iberostar Tucan Lobby Bar
Playacar 2003 ~ One beautiful bar area at the Iberostar Resort.

Ellyn's Last Day
Playacar 2003 ~ Ellyn behind the bar ~ 7:30 a.m.

Interplanetary Painters
Playacar 2003 ~ Artisans were creating pictures with spraypaint and rusty cans

Ellyn on the Beach
Playacar 2003 ~ Chillin' on the beach at the beach party.

Beach View of IBQ
Playacar 2003 ~ Nice beach view with sand and palm trees.

Chillin' in Pool
Cancun 2002 ~ Relaxing in the beautiful pool on Royal Tower side.

RSC Pool
Cancun 2002 ~ View from fifth floor.

Andrea from Canada
Cancun 2002 ~ Cyberamiga Andrea finally meets me in Cancun.

Pauline and Shane
Cancun 2002 ~ New friends Pauline and Shane at the pool bar.

Turtle Habitat
Cancun 2002 ~ Protected turtle eggs along the beach at the resort.

Beautiful Mexican Sunset
Cancun 2002 ~ Every night a new delight.

Three Amigas
Cancun 2002 ~ Ellyn, Andrea, and Pauline relaxing in the pool.

Copshop Tour
Cancun 2002 ~ Ellyn and Carol and some of the Cancun Police.

Beach Solitude
Cancun 2002 ~Reflection in sand during early morning walk on beach.

Perico's Mexican Restaurant
Cancun 2002 ~ Good food, good friends, good show!

Pool at Dawn
Cancun 2002 ~ Pretty scene.

Ellyn on Beach
Cancun 2002 ~ Early morning only birds on a deserted beach.

Ellyn in Paradise
Cancun 2000 ~ Leaving the Mexican Buffet, late one night.

Breathless in Cancun
Cancun 2000 ~ Me, being swept off my feet by two hotties: Enrique and Ricardo.

Enrique's Best Side
Cancun 2000 ~ Backside of the most attractive man in Mexico.

Ellyn and the Guys
Cancun 2000 ~ I have my hands full here with three extremely attractive men. Misael is adorable!

CoCo Bongo House of Rock & Pop ~ Club & Disco
Cancun 2000 ~ The wildest, loudest, most exciting nightclub in the entire world!
Multimedia effects, smoke, balloons, bubbles, live action, techno/trance/rock music, and much more!
(dark club, therefore: stock photo from website)

Dady O's Disco and Club
Cancun 2000 ~ An excellent nightclub with an awesome sound system, playing Techno, Trance and World Beat!
(dark club, therefore: stock photo from website)

Dady Rock Club
Cancun 2000 ~ Another loud, wild, and raucus nightclub with great sounds, D.J.s and live bands playing Hip Hop, World Beat, Rock and Pop!
(dark club, therefore: stock photo from website)

Mexican Sunset
Cancun 2000 ~ Happens everyday...each one prettier than the day before.

Caribe Tower ~ Royal Solaris
Cancun 2000 ~ View of the Caribe Tower from the beach at Royal Solaris Caribe.

Caribe Tower and Pool ~ Royal Solaris
Cancun 2000 ~ View of the Caribe Tower from their pool at the Royal Solaris Caribe.

Royal Solaris Caribe Pool
Cancun 2000 ~ An aerial shot of the pool and beach.

Kerry and Bryan
Cancun 2000 ~ New friends I hung out with.

Halloween Contest Winners
Cancun 2000 ~ Rick, Rob, Elizabeth, and her sister steal the show.
Royal Solaris Lobby before leaving for CoCo Bongo's.

Ellyn RSC Caribe Tower
Cancun 2000 ~ Hangin' out by the fountain late one night.

Ellyn at Swim-Up Bar
Cancun 2000 ~ Chillin' by the pool bar.

Beached Whale
Cancun 2000 ~ Ellyn walking on the beach early one morn.

Royal Solaris Pool
Cancun ~ The beautiful pool at the Royal Solaris Caribe.

Royal Solaris Caribe
Cancun ~ Our beautiful hotel and white sandy beach.

Beach at Royal Solaris Caribe
Cancun ~ The powdery white sand of the beach in front of the Caribe Tower.
Photo taken by Rich Herrin, my amigo.

Corey at Sunset.
Cancun 1999 ~ Corey, in front of the Royal Solaris Caribe at sunset.

Sunset at Solaris
Cancun 1999 ~ A glorious Mexican sunset in front of the Royal Solaris Caribe.

Senor Frogs' Party Bus
Cancun 1999 ~ Takin' the kewl party bus to Senor Frogs for our free meal.

Ellyn and Corey at Sea
Cancun 1999 ~ Ellyn and Corey in the sparkling aqua teal green Caribbean Sea.

Ellyn in Cancun
Cancun 1999 ~ Me, in my new hat, just waiting to check in.

Corey on the Balcony
Cancun 1999 ~ Chillin' on the balcony of the Royal Solaris.

Corey and Ellyn in the Crown Paradise Club Lobby
Cancun 1998 ~ The beautiful tropical atrium lobby of our hotel.

Ellyn in Crown Paradise Club Resort Lobby
Cancun 1998 ~ Ellyn in the lush atrium lobby

Corey in Crown Paradise Club Resort Lobby
Cancun 1998 ~ Corey in the atrium lobby of the hotel.

Beach and Pool at Crown Paradise Club
Cancun 1998 ~ The beautiful pool and pristine white sandy beach.
The water was teal, green, and turquoise, and sparkled in the sun.

Deli Mart Chatters' Meeting
Cancun 1998 ~ Rich and Michelle of Cancun Tours, Cigman, Melissa,
Salas, John, Jon, Angela and myself.
A meeting of internet chatroom friends from around the world.

Kim and Ellyn and the Pool Boys
The Activities Directors of The Crown Paradise Club at work.
Kim and Ellyn amusing ourselves with the very cute lads.

Ellyn and the Pool Boys
Cancun 1998 ~ Ellyn and the Activities Directors enjoying the pool.
By day they were pool boys, but at night they were the entertainers in the gala shows.

Ellyn and the Pool Hunk
Cancun 1998 ~ My favorite Pool Dude, a young Antonio Banderas look-a-like.
He had super looks and a great personality, as well.

Kim at Planet Hollywood- Cancun Mexico
Cancun 1998 ~ A handsome Latino stranger entered Kim's Kodak moment.
Dude sure was cute.
Her husband was livid!

Planet Hollywood with Mi Amigos
Cancun 1998 ~ Ellyn, Kim and John in Cancun, Mexico
Celebrating a rare night with no kids.

Beach at Crown Paradise Club Resort
Cancun 1998 ~ The snow white sand of the hotel beach.
Photo taken by Rich Herrin, my amigo.

Crown Paradise Club Resort
Cancun 1998 ~ Nice views of our hotel, a beautiful five-star resort.(website photo)

Beach at Dusk in Cancun
Cancun 1998 ~ Ellyn and Corey pause along the beach by the Caribbean Sea.

John and Kim at Dusk
Cancun 1998 ~ Our friends, John and Kim, by the sea before dinner.

Single File Peso Bus
Cancun 1998 ~ The Cinco Amigos heading down to Senor Frogs.
The world famous peso bus drivers are the world's wildest drivers.

Corey and the Shot Girl
Cancun 1998 ~ Pretty Shotgirl plying my underage teenage son with two shots of booze.
He hated every minute of it.

Senor Frogs Group Shot
Cancun 1998 ~ The cinco amigos arrive at Senor Frogs.
Ellyn, Corey, John, Kim and Ryan.

Ruinas Del Rey
Cancun 1998 ~ The Ruins across from Caesar's in Cancun, Mexico.

Corey and Lori
Summer 2003 ~ Chris and Kristen's Wedding.

Corey and Ellyn
Summer 2003 ~ My son and I at Chris and Kristen's Wedding.

Ellyn and Corey in L.A. 1998
A rare photo of us together.

Corey 2000
Cancun 2000 ~ My son Corey, about the time he graduated in May 2000.

Mom and Dad
L.A. California 2001 ~ A beautiful portrait of my wonderful parents.

Taylor and Poppa
L.A. California 2001 ~ Taylor and her Poppa ~ (My Dad ~ the Fire Chief).

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