Alex Cat:
Feline Friends and Cuddle Buddies
By Jo A. Witt
Copyright 1999





"Hi, my name is Alex...."

"...Over time I've come to realize the value of having a feline friend and cuddle buddy. For example, it's not so obvious who did the mischief. And on a cold day, it's sure nice to have a cuddle buddy to keep me warm. But...I haven't always liked having him around...."

One of five books in the "Alex Cat" series, written from the cat's humorous, sarcastic perspective.

All books available in paperback only, 22-34 pages. Short text with lots of full-color, cute cat photos.


Getting into mischief was always more fun with a friend to help. Boxes are always interesting, you know.


Excerpt From Alex Cat: Feline Friends and Cuddle Buddies
Copyright 1999 By Jo A. Witt





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