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Leah quashes pregnancy rumours ...
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About Leah

Date of birth : 4/12/81

Place of birth : Hastings (Buchannan)

Educated : grade school

Qualifications : a few. Art and English my best. Got 7 I think at school

Star sign : the fiery Sagittarius 

Vital statistics : 34/24/34 !! OK, 34/25/34 (that's true!)

Height : 5' 8"

Weight : 9 stone (well I'm tall!)

Hair colour : blonde honey blonde

Eyes : very dark brown

Dress size : 8-10

Employment before becoming a model : I'm a qualified hairdresser but Boooring!!

First job as a professional model : sounds strange but I modelled for Asprey and Garrard 3 million top Bond Street jewellers for Daily Mail

Least favourite/worst/most embarrassing jobs : running across London Bridge in a flesh coloured G-string for (think it was Bizzone mag)

How did you feel the first time you posed topless and nude? SCARED, like a little lost girl. Strange but now it's EASY. I LOVE IT

Family : 2 brothers, mummy, daddy, dogs, nan, granddad etc ... I love them all soooo much

Hobbies/interests : modelling, glamour, modelling, glamour etc ... hahahaha Just girly stuff

Pets : Cocker my cockatiel, Rolly - dog, Honey - dog, Poppy - dog, and my birds that I feed in the garden every day (when I can actually). LOVE ANIMALS yesssssssssss

Likes : nice people, pink fluffy stuff

Dislikes : a lot on a bad day hahaha. Arseholes, animal cruelty

Bad habits : nick duvet and errrrr - fart in bed hahahahaha

Favourites : colour : **PINK** for sure and blue and white
~~~~~~~~~ : food : fruit and salad, nice salad though
~~~~~~~~~ : drink : a lovely STIFF! haha drink, eg Jack Daniel's
~~~~~~~~~ : music : 70's. Hate RnB, love all 70's
~~~~~~~~~ : car : mini cooper :)
~~~~~~~~~ : film : Pretty Woman. Love Julia Roberts & Mr Gere & Dirty Dancing & Ghost & oh loads, lovey dovey ones
~~~~~~~~~ : actor : Tom Hanks, fantastic actor, can play any part
~~~~~~~~~ : actress : Julia Roberts, have a few though
~~~~~~~~~ : model : me haha dunno!!!
~~~~~~~~~ : football team : Chelsea and Liverpool
~~~~~~~~~ : sports : ? Boring
~~~~~~~~~ : holiday destination : anywhere hot (Mediterranean)
~~~~~~~~~ : modelling assignments : loads & loads & loads .....

Ideal man : someone who loves me for me not my job. Sexiest EVER is Johnny Depp, quite like Jude Law and love old rock stars mmmmmmmmmmmm!

Most embarrassing thing done : won't go there !!!

Rudest thing done : ooooh tricky. Can't say hehehe. But very naughty! Joke! dunno .....

Ambition : be a model and act. L love my job, yesss baby :)