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Last updated 7 March, 2004 - Meetings currently on hiatus until Spring

Are you.....




And live in the Pittsburgh area?

Then come visit BiPgh! We are a group of people in Pittsburgh, PA organizing the bisexual community. We meet at 3:30pm on the last Saturday of every month at the Gay and Lesbian Community Center in Pittsburgh (Squirrel Hill, to be exact). We also have randomly placed Bi Nights Out (usually Saturday night) in which spend the evening in open (and often intellectually stimulating) conversation while enjoying the sights, sounds and other joys of the 'burgh.

We are both a social and a support group with a strong emphasis on allowing bisexuals to be who we are--male or female, biological or transgendered, mainstream or alternative--ALL bisexuals, bicurious and their loved ones are welcome!

We also plan to offer resources to the bisexual community as well as the BGLT and mainstream communities at large. Informational flyers and pamphlets are currently under construction, so check back soon here or at the GLCC to see what we have!

Finally, if you're a little shy, or can't make it to the meetings, or just want to find out what it's all about, use the convenient link below to join BiPgh's listserve.

If you're having trouble subscribing or would like to know how to use the Yahoo Groups homepage to check your messages rather than filling up your inbox, feel free to email us. You can also contact us with any questions you may have regarding BiPgh--we promise we'll answer as quickly as possible!

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