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"Big Band Sounds"
I am sorry there is no music. The powers to be have deemed to block out the good old music to get a few pennies. I am 82. I was born before these young people who have made it impossible to listen to the good old music for a few pennie. I paid for the discs once. sorry again. Don't forget the good old days.

A Trip Back Into Musical Time

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Tommy Dorsey
Theme Song
"I'm Getting Sentimental"

Tommy was the best trombonist to come out of the big band era. His tone and style were unsurpassed.

Benny Goodman
Theme Song
"Let's Dance"

"Somebody Stole
My Gal"

Jimmy Durante
Inka Dinka Do

All though Jimmy was known as a funny guy with the Snozzola. His early years were spent as a musician and band leader.

Glenn Miller
"In The Mood"

Glenn had many hits on the top of the charts during the big band era. His plane disappeared over the English Channel on his way to meet the band in France. The band is still playing today using the original books from the band.

Ben Bernie

Ben Bernie had a voice that every one liked to listen to. He was more noted for his voice than his ability as a musician. He had a great band.His opening theme was "It's A Lonesome Old Town". The closing theme "Aurevoir".

Red Nichols

"Battle Hymn Of The Republic"
Red was a great trumpet player. As music changed in the 30's and 40's Red did not adapt to the big band style. Listen to his rendiditon of "Battle Hymn Of The Republic. This was issued on a LP sound track from the movies "The Five Pennies" Red did the musical score for the movie.

"The Steve Cooper Orchestra"

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Steve Cooper

The Steve Cooper Orchestra is one of the top Big Bands currently playing in the country today. If you like Big Band Music. You'll love the Steve Cooper Band. The band plays the original music of the 30's, 40's and 50's. To learn more about the "Steve Cooper" band. Click on the bands home page link shown below.

"Steve Cooper Orchestra
Home Page" Click Here

Clyde Mc Coy
"Sugar Blues"

When I was 12 years old I started taking trumpet lessons. My goal was to play Clyde Mc Coys "Sugar Blues." The mute cost me a few bucks. But it took years to come close to Clydes "Sugar Blues." Clydes recording has sold several million copies.

Harry James

Harry no doubt had the sweetest trumpet ever. He was still playing until he died in 1983. He was married to Betty Grable the movie star known for her legs.
Harry James

"Limehouse Blues"

Artie Shaw

Shaw was not only a great clarinetest. But also known for his marriages. He was married 8 times.
Theme Song

Shaw was often asked about his supposed rivalry with fellow clarinetist Goodman. He said: "Benny, who was every bit as dedicated as I was, wanted to be an instrumentalist - he was a superb technician - while I wanted to be a musician. I think my mind was more complex than his."
Ziggy Elman and Buddy Rich

Ziggy and Buddy with the Dorsey Band. Are they playing "Well Get it". I wonder?
Our Big Band II web site is still perking along after 6 years. To view it click on "Big Bands II" below.

"Big Bands II"
The Boy Wonder

A.K.A. Buddy Rich

Big Bands Page 2 is now under construction. More Big Band Music And PicturesBig Bands Page 2

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