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DIY Speaker Stands

Here are some pics of my DIY speaker stand project.

My stands are based of the TNT audio "Stubby"
My stands weigh in at about 45 to 50 pounds when they are filled with sand.  You'll have to excuse the low res pics.
I had just gotten a $30 digital camera (as you can see from the resolution) and went a little crazy taking pics...

Here is the 4" PVC painted black. They are about 22" long.

Here is the plywood squares I used to slide inside the PVC to anchor it into place.  I attached them to the top plate with some wood screws.  I used some rubber circles to help tame some vibration transfer to the PVC. The wood I used is 1" thick Red Oak, stained with Rosewood stain to attempt to match my speakers.

Here are some pics of the threaded rod connected to the base.  I use some washers and bolts to fasten the plywood anchors to the bottom support. I then slid the PVC onto the plywood squares.

After putting on the PVC I slid the top plate on, which is pretty tricky trying to get the threaded rod through the wood.

Here is a pic of the VERY cool spikes I got for my stands.  they are a little over 1" long attached to some threaded anchors.

Some more shots of the stands.

Here are some pics of my Dynaudio 1.3mkII on it's new home.

A shot of my speakers!

Here is a little taste of the mess that has been created by this project.
My apartment looks like a newspaper recycling facility.

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