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College Programs

Note: Other Programs to be added!!!

College of Urban Agriculture: Learn how to grow weeds and live off of road-kill.

College of Architecture A requirement for this program is creativity with Lincoln Logs.

College of Arts and Crafts: Learn how to get rich selling home-made stuff at swap meets.

College of Witchcraft: Use witchcraft to turn evil bosses into something better, like toads.

Medical Programs: Learn the fine art of waking up patients and bother them with medical procedures.

School of Hard Knocks: Like its says, had a rough life? You qualify.

College of Education: How to deal with retarded parents, students and principals.

Computer Science Program: Use the internet for scams and... oh, nevermind.

Physical Education: We don't mean school gym class! The Dean's Assistant teaches this one! LOL

College of Miscellaneous Things: Whatever comes to mind

College of Popular Sciences and Art: Create art from junk in the a salvage yard.

School of Divinity: Visit the Universal Life Church for details. Be a minister without even knowing it! ,p> The College of Drinking: Must drink cases and gallons for this degree.

The College of Elections: Learn how to shave points for your favorite candidate. (Very Popular Program in Florida.)

The College of Diploma Mills: Create a school in 2 seconds and make a killing! One problem, it is not real, oh..... nevermind!