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Currys is one of the UK's leading electrical retailers, offering the most competitive choice of mainly branded, quality products at consistently the lowest prices in the local market. The core range of Currys's UK products include TV, video, audio, Cooking, MDA, Small domestic appliances, Communications, Multimedia, Electronics and New technology accessories. Currys Electronics Stores are unrelated to Comet electrical stores or the well known Maplin electronics stores but is in fact owned by the Dixons Group, which also controls PC World and The Link.

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Currys UK is the UK's largest electrical retailer, providing an extensive range of TVs, hi-fi's, cookers, fridges, washing machines, televisions, microwaves and vacuum cleaners. Currys also sell a wide selection of PCs and communications products. Currys superstores showcase the latest products to meet every household electrical need, the online store offers a comprehensive range with digital TV, VCR, DVD, camera and camcorder areas.

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