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The Populist Party USA--putting the people back in politics!

The American political system is the greatest in all the world.  When our founding fathers devised our constitution in 1787, they pulled off a miracle.  The document they created, the United States Constitution, is a living and breathing document, even now, more than 200 years after it was authored.  Its system of checks and balance is amazingly precise and effective.  It has given America a system of government envied by the rest of the world, yet seldom duplicated with the same great results.

However, in recent times, the American governmental system has become distorted.  It is NOT a problem with the Constitution or with the country; rather, it is a problem with professional politicians and wealthy interest lobbies.  America is rapidly becoming a place where the rich guy always wins.  America is rapidly becoming a place where challengers do not stand chance against incumbents.  The result?  Stagnation and lack of reform.

Now is the time to take the money out of politics.  Now is the time to make our congressmen citizen servants once again.  Now is the time to put the people back in American politics.

How can this all be accomplished?  Populism.  Even those people currently abusing our political system know well that in America, the power is held by one sacred body--the American people.  The consent of the governed, the popular will of the American people, is the only thing that makes our government and our representatives sovereign.  Without the support of the people, there is no power base.

Therefore, if the American people can demonstrate their dissatisfaction to Washington, Washington will listen.  Otherwise, they will no longer have any power.

Populist Party USA--we're putting the people back in politics!

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