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2002 -2003 NHS at  DCS, Damascus, Syria
Swathi Parthasarathi
Vice president:
Kim Does
Hala Khudari
Shweta Nangia

Yasmin Bahar
Marina Furukubo
Rania Kataf
Maya Kuysbi
Radek Ochodek
Patricio Plorutti
Ammar Salhadar
Reem Tantawi

Mrs. Maha Mesmar
Mr. Paul Scullion

2002-2003 DCS NHS Chapter
Shweta Nangia, Kim Does, Swathi Parthasarathi, Hala Khudari
Mrs. Mesmar, Radek Ochodek, Yasmin Bahar, Reem Tantawi, Mr. Scullion
Patricio Plorutti, Rania Kataf, Maya Kuysbi, Marina Furukubo
Food Drive
Mezzeh Inst.
Overview 1
Overview 2
Karim Rida Saad Foundation
Sr. Bridget
Drop of Milk


Elementary Drive
Class of 2003
Damascus Community School Home

Palestinian & Iraqi Children Collection
For more information about this joint NHS/HHSC fundraiser follow the link below.
Palestinian/Iraqi Children Collection

Clothes Drive
We would like to thank everyone for helping us make this clothes drive such a great success.
To see what we all have accomplised follow the link below.
Clothes Drive

The Damascus Community School (DCS) chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS) was created in 1996. Ever since students from grade eleven and twelve have been conducting various activities at the NHS chapter.

DCS NHS Chapter Goals for this year are:
- To create awareness amongst the student body as well as the entire community
- Be involved in various charities rather than focusing on one
- Raise more money so we can reach out to more people in the community, and better their lives

We are currently involved in various projects that are visited on a regular basis. The visiting of these projects is not only limited to NHS members but we like to encourage students outside of the NHS to participate.
One of the main events that the NHS organised this year was the food drive which was also very succesfull. More information can be found by following thel inks on the right hand side.

A picture says more than a thousand words:

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Making a difference
Reaching Out
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Created by: Kim Does