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Hello and welcome to my page. My name is Desirée and I'm a 24 (as of 2003) year old student living in Miami, Florida. Living in Miami, I am usually able to keep all my orchids outside almost all year round. Only when the temp. drops below 40°F do I even think of bringing them inside and then only if there's danger of frost (doesn't happen very often). All of my orchids, the Phals., Dens., Catts., Oncs., and Vanda alliances are either hung or sitting on wired shelves under one of our mango trees. They all seem to be fairly happy there (actually last night, April 23th, 2003. the mango tree was struck by lightening and quite a large branch fell. Fortunately, all my orchids were fine, a couple of pots fell over but no harm done, right! Poor mango tree though).

While here, you'll see photos of my orchid collection and simple culture information on the types of orchids I have. The page is mainly a visual record of the orchids I have. It's not really going to be heavy on information but I will provide links to pages that will probably help you.

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Last Updated:

August 15th, 2003. 2:54 A.M.

I fixed most of the pages. Now all I have to do really is update the individual pages for some of the orchids. *sigh* this is so boring and so time consuming. The Phals. and Dens. are done though. I don't think the links are working properly though so if you're going there and they aren't working, don't say I didn't warn ya.