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Gaming Mods

Due to the inherent suckiness of Angelfire's site editor, this text block will have the descriptions of mods I've created available for download, but the actual links for downloading will be below the text block as a whole.
Itm Value Tweaks alters a scattering of items so that they are worth more than zero gold for sake of preserving internal consistency. For instance, you'll be able to sell Kangaxx's golden body parts, if you want. 'Cause hey, they're GOLD, after all. You'll also be able to sell off some quest items that no longer serve any purpose, though not necessarily for large amounts of money. Oh, and it removes a potential infinite money scumming bit, too. NOTE: This mod has been revised by Rassadihn to patch the item files rather than override them. Things have otherwise been left the same. So, if you question the prices, e-mail me. If you come across bugs, e-mail HIM. ;)
COMING SOON(ish): Peerso the Undead Hunter, yet another new npc for your party. A rather unique paladin, his major hobbies include drinking, offering cookies to would-be gods, and beating people at dart games. Completed so far: character-related items & inventory, the mechanically essential dialogue with Charname, a goodly chunk of sheer flavor dialogue, some npc banters, and the TOB epilogue. Currently working on? Lots more npc banters.


Baldur's Gate II Weidu Mods

Itm Value Tweaks