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Diversity of Human Experience

Humans experience life from diverse perspectives related to their backgrounds and culture. These differences may reflect country of origin, a particular ethnicity, identification with a religion, an educational background, an economic social class, or any of a number of other cultures and backgrounds. These diverse perspectives color the way in which people view life events, interact with those around them, and take action. For example, I learned about diversity of human experience in studying how the different ethnic groups contributed to the development of the Columbia Basin area. I saw how the Native Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Blacks, European-Americans and other groups were treated by each other, how each had a different viewpoint of what society should be, how the land should be treated, and how or whether development should occur. I learned that it is important to try to see all issues from the perspective of everyone involved. I believe each of us can be enlightened and enriched by appreciating the diversity of human experience around us. I think I have progressed toward that understanding through my studies this year.


Peoples of Oregon: Racism in the History of the Columbia River Basin: This essay discusses the diversity cultures that helped to develope the Columbia basin, and the racism they encountered.

Selected In-class Journal Entries. These discuss the difficulties encountered by the many minority groups who played an integral part in the history of the Columbia basin.


Critical Thinking
Ethics and Social Responsibility