Politics of "Holy shit! I just cut open my hand on a broken bottle!", single
Two promo songs from the upcoming full length, Caught in the act of not being awesome. Available at Johnny shows in a variety of strange packaging schemes, or for download right here.

1). Politics of "Holy shit! I just cut open my hand on a broken bottle!" mp3
2). I want cancer for Christmas mp3

Fire Hazard, demo
Eleven songs of Johnny goodness. EXCITING GIMMICK ALERT! Fill in the blanks, name your own CD.

1) Skimming Bakunin
2) Church hymn for the condmened
3) Fuck the dictionary
5) Only two of my best friends are actual people
6) Untitled
7) If by "emo", you mean "drugs"...
8) I'm so punk I hate punk
9) Below good and evil
10) D.I.Y. Orgasms
11) Put arsenic in the frosting next time

Random merchandise, t-shirt/patch/sticker

Your very own Johnny t-shirt, patch, or sticker. We like deliver on our promises. That's why we promise nothing, especially in terms of the quality of the items you will recieve. But we CAN promise that your item will be hand-crafted by a real person in a fashion not unlike a Martha Stewart special: frustrating, do-it-yourself, long, and short-tempered.

To order any items, write us at:

Patrick Schneeweis P.O. Box 356 Marlboro, VT 05344

Let us know what it is you want and we'll send it out. Be sure that your address is in plain site somewhere or we'll get drunk and forget about your order. If you can spare any money or gifts of any kind, please send those along as well to help with the production costs of all the various items. (Make any checks out to Patrick Schneeweis. We are not responsible for anything lost in the mail, but if your order doesn't come for two weeks let us know and we may feel generous enough to send you out something anyway). back to the main site