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Disturbed AIM presents DA Junior!

Now Available!

     Disturbed AIM has gone farther!  Are you sick of the one chat window, and want to be on 2 or 3 more chats at one time?  Well, Disturbed AIM Junior allows you to do this!  This version of DA is a much more smaller version, and will get rid of those "Memory Errors" for sure!  This version of Disturbed AIM was made on low RAM based goals, which insures that this is the program for you!  If you are a 64mb of RAM user, that is.  Even if you don't have less RAM, you download this program!  It offers things that DA doesn't offer.  There is a way better enhanced buddy list in this here version of Disturbed AIM.  Disturbed AIM Junior has pictures for people who just signed on, pictures of people who just signed off, and pictures of people who are away!  That's not all, you still get to play MP3's on chats, but you get a one song option.  Which means you are only allowed to play one song with no lists.  This was done for the purpose of low ram users.  You will find something's better in DA then you will in DA Junior, but to me, this is my personal favorite version :o).  So, I hope you enjoy it!  If you have any problems, contact me at  Lets hope you don't have any problems though :o).

DA Junior 2!

     Disturbed AIM has gone even farther...  Now you've seen DA Junior, and that was a huge lift from Disturbed AIM, but DA Junior 2 takes DA Junior even farther!  You now are able to view Profiles all the time as well as get more information within the profiles such as: rate limit percentage, online since, and more information.  Other than all of that, it has more fixes like the Double First Chat open thing.  That is now taken out, plus a new "DAJuniorHelper!"  This is a programmed bot not within AIM, but made within the program to help you whenever you are using DA Junior 2.  If you have questions be sure to ask the bot, it has 10 or 11 Questions to respond to.  If this bot fails to answer your question my Screen Name (Mike311211) also shows on your buddy list when I am online.  Feel free to IM me whenever your question cannot be answered :o).  There were a few more fixes within the program such as slow roll blocks and slow blocking causing great lagging.  This has been improved to be more faster :o).  I hope you enjoy this new version, because it is personally my favorite :o).  Click "Download" above to download it today!

DA Junior 3

     A brand new update of DA Junior 2, this version enhances everything about AIM.  You can now Choose your own layout of DA Junior to any color of your choice :o).  Also, DA Junior meets Yahoo!  There is now the Yahoo Function "BUZZ" in DA Junior 3, allowing you to grab your buddies attention quick and easily if they are not paying attention to your IMs.  There is these features and much much more!  You can now save your Buddy List or Load a previous buddy list into the user you are currently using.  You can now see buddies in Idle, DAJuniorHelper is now enhanced.  Direct Connection is also a major update in this version, you are now allowed to DC to your buddy :o).  The DC is a clone of DA's DC, so if you use DA you will know how to use the DC function in DA Junior 3 :o).  Enjoy this version of DA Junior, and keep watching the "Updater" and "News" in this version to get latest updates :o). Click here to download