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If you have made it this far on my webpage I take it you have an interest in vintage consumer electronics. Guess what… do I! For those who are curious my name is Luke Perry and I started the Cartrivision site because there was a lack of information on this format on the world wide web. Thanks to a lot of helpful contributors, this page is growing all of the time. Below are some of my favorite websites that deal mainly with vintage consumer electronics and such.




This is a great site for fans of vintage video tape recorders.  LabGuy's World: The History of Video Tape Recorders before Betamax and VHS:




Remember VideoDiscs?  This site is the one-stop spot for all things related to the RCA CED format.  Definitely would

Recommend this to any fan of vintage video:




MCA DiscoVision - The World on a Silver Platter.  Before Laserdisc there was the MCA DiscoVision format.  A great site that even has an area to sell and trade DiscoVision items:     




The Optigan organ was another product of the early 1970’s, and like the Cartrivision did not really catch on with the general public.  To learn more than you will probably ever need to know about this strange “optical organ” check out:




Who can forget the Elcaset? Well, maybe you did. To refresh your memory check out this page devoted to this short-lived audio tape format circa 1977:




Are you lacking things to do at 2:00 AM? How about eavsdropping in on ham radio operators talking about their antenna setup or possibly discussing topics such as shopping at Costco or politics. Or how about listening to strange music from island nations that you never even knew existed? Then shortwave radio might just be what you have been looking for. Check out the shortwave radio listening guide:




Do you remember the 8-track tape? Of course….who can forget the lovely “kachunk” sound every time the track changed over. Here is the best page on the net dedicated solely to the 8-track cartridge format: