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Jesse Garrett and Effie Fadonia "Smith" Arnett

For the families of

Bill Irene Leon Herschel Vivian Joan Lillian Lucille Fred Garrett

Garrett, Fred, Lucille, Lillian, Joan, and Vivian with their Mom and Dad
Leon, Irene, Bill(standing), and Herschel
Joan and Bea after a swim in the irrigation tank

Click here for pictures from the 2000 Family Reunion

Click here for pictures from the 1999 Family Reunion

Pictures From Past Arnett Family Reunions

Enjoying the Texas hill country heat and solving world problems
Dewayne just thought he was going to take a nap!

"play with me grandaddy"

Shirlene being herself with Betty and Monica
Fred having to buy back his hat that Garrett put in the auction

Juanita and Pat got a kick out of it as the rest of us did

"Why I oughta..."
B.D. Rice showing off his girls and 1st great granddaughter
Herschel and B.D. discuss why Texans are in Oklahoma for a family reunion
Sunday Service at the 1972 Arnett Family Reunion on the Oklahoma side of Lake Texoma

Miscellaneous Pictures

Congratulations Sara Spicer, Class of '99
Melissa Arnett and daughter Sara visited Bea Spicer and her daughters, Sara and Jaime for Sara's graduation from University of North Texas