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And A Little Bit Of This'd Get You Up

And A Little Bit Of That'd Get You Down...

Part VI

by sumner




”What am I going to do with you?” Susan asked the baby in front of her. Jason, knowing full well he couldn’t get out a decipherable phoneme, resigned to silence. What else could one do when stripped of one’s pride and attire? His nearly nonexistent genitalia was standing erect like a little flagpole as his girlfriend gingerly swabbed the area around it. His skin felt cold and tingly as the wet wipe passed over his naked thighs.

”She’s wiping his wee-wee!” a little girl passing by the changing table noted to her mommy.

”Honey, that’s impolite,” her mother advised. “You don’t talk like that, OK?”

”OK,” the precocious child answered, still wearing a slight grin.

That same sinking sensation reemerged in Jason’s belly -- not at the little girl’s comment -- but at the sight of her mother. It took him no time to recognize his former high school English teacher, Mrs. Bennett. Of course, it had to be her Mrs. Bennett wasn’t just any old teacher; Jason had fantasized about her since the first day of class at McArthur High (even though she was in her early thirties at the time). And not just any run-of-the-mill crush either... more like full-blown utopian visions. Mrs. Bennett and he alone, surrounded by gorgeous flora, stranded on a lush island in the Pacific. She was the centerpiece of his own Valhalla from freshmen year onward through graduation. Susan was never aware of his attractions, though, and regarded Mrs. Bennett as a common English teacher.

She had two daughters, if Jason remembered correctly: Gracie and Michelle. The one who made the blunt remark was undoubtedly Gracie, but she was holding another young girl with her other hand. But Michelle was just two grades behind me Jason recalled. The other child did bear a striking resemblance to Michelle, and seemed to be donning a rather pronounced frown.

”But Mom--” the preschool-aged girl tugged at Mrs. Bennett’s arm.

”What is it, honey?”

”Mom, when will it be four hours??”

”Not too long now. It’ll be over before you know it, Michelle!” Mrs. Bennett bent down to her daughter’s height, “Aww, c’mon! You’re not having any fun! Don’t you miss the fun of being little? Humor me, all right? Just for a few more hours.”

Michelle mustered a forced smile.

”That’s my girl. Now go use the potty if you need to,” Mrs. Bennett ushered her “little girl” into a bathroom stall with language one would use around a true five-year-old. While Jason marveled at his former classmate’s reduction in maturity, he didn’t notice Mrs. Bennett approaching the changing table after observing Susan’s ineptitude with his diaper.

”Can I help you with that?” she spoke just over Susan’s shoulder.

”Oh, oh yes,” Susan responded without hesitation. She only vaguely recognized Mrs. Bennett, but was more concerned with fastening Jason’s Pampers correctly. ”I’m new at this... I’m just babysitting for a friend and--”

”Of course, of course. Here you go...” Mrs. Bennett said, as she slid the crackling plastic into place below Jason’s rear and folded the top half over his ridiculously small manhood. Though Jason was reeling from the horror of it all, a small part of him was, at the very least, relieved to see his privates once again concealed from the general public’s view.

”Thank you so much,” Susan showed her appreciation.

”Oh, no problem at all,” Mrs. Bennett replied with her uncharacteristically low (and sexy, Jason thought) voice that sounded almost like a young Kathleen Turner.

As Susan grasped Jason’s bottom and once again straddled him against her side, he could see the stall door opening and the youthened Michelle Bennett stepping out.

”All done?” her mother asked, a little too cheerfully.

”Yes, Mom,” Michelle mumbled below her breath. “Now can we please go?”



”So...” Jenna slid her chair ever closer to her increasingly nervous biology teacher, “so what do you say?”

The Viagrosta was flowing like a tidal wave beneath Mr. Donnovan’s skin; he could feel his biology becoming more and more aroused. But having no way of knowing about the aphrodisiac, he assumed it must be his attraction to the girl sitting next to him. Surely, this twentysomething would have no trouble finding a date. Was she really coming onto him so ferociously or was it just his imagination? As he poured over these questions in his mind, his body was only moving closer to Code Red.

”Oh, what?”

”So what do you say?” Jenna unhooked yet another button suggestively. She could gather from her teacher’s shortening attention span that the drug was achieving the desired affect. He shifted in his seat as if under police lights.

”Oh, I... um...” The thoughts became more and more sporadic and disconnected. Why couldn’t he stop thinking about sex with this woman? What, after all, was she asking for??

”Do you want to?” The question could well have applied to Jenna’s request for a donation, but in both their minds, the double entendre was more than they could stand.



On her way to the front of the store, Susan -- carrying a silent Jason in her arms -- eyed a small box of over-the-counter Youthies at the small pharmacy. She grabbed what appeared to be the last box and rushed as fast as her newly-aged legs would allow. Jason was not a large one-year-old, but Susan’s body was nowhere near the shape it had been in only hours before.

After sealing her purchase, she headed back to the women’s bathroom. Though she loathed her new age, she wanted to help her boyfriend first and foremost. He didn’t deserve such a punishment, she thought. Feeding him the reverse capsule (only one was included), Susan could do nothing but wait for the medication to start its effects. In just under three minutes or thereabouts, Jason began feeling heavier and the rim of his diaper started hugging his thighs a bit tighter. The reversal pill was supposed to counteract an “extra-strength” Youthie like the one he’d first ingested that evening.

Fearing she’d cause even more attention to be directed at them, Susan made her way into one of the unoccupied stalls.

“Good, good,” she whispered, seeing Jason was nearing the two-year mark and indicating that he could sit up without any aid. The diaper, however, was fighting a losing battle with Jason’s thickening waist; soon, the flimsy strips of tape holding the diaper in place popped off. Susan tried, in vain, to reattach them but Jason soon outgrew whatever readjustments were made. She was glad, though, to see her friend’s face slowly returning to the face she knew (baby’s can look so alike).

“Suswan...” a garbled word came out of Jason’s mouth. Three years old.... then four years old... The progression continued unhindered for the ensuing ten minutes. As Jason regained his years, his composure seemed to slip. Absent was the Jersey he wore into the store and once again, the diaper was scarcely enough to mask Jason’s body. His cheeks blushing a very deep crimson, Jason finally spoke...

“I’m so sorry,” he cried, burying his head in Susan’s shoulder. She reached around and pat her shrunken boy on the back. The transformation, sadly, would be hardly dramatic enough to bring Jason back into his twenties; as the last remnants wore off, Jason remained a child of seven. Leaning onto his girlfriend from the cold porcelain toilet seat, Jason’s diaper slipped and fell to the floor, but he was almost too distraught to even care. Again, he was relegated to being a child and again, he was without a hint of clothing in front his confused but compassionate girlfriend.

Susan wasted no time; the extra strength Youthie was dissolving her mouth in seconds. The drug would only give her six more years, however, and that would leave her at the still-depressing age of fifty-four or so.

“Ahh,” Susan let out a generous sigh as she felt the Youthie begin its magic.

“What are we gonna do?” Jason whined, for a moment sounding like a genuine first-grader. “All the stores must be closed by now,” he cried as he attempted to fashion the diaper into a suitable piece of apparel. His crotch had seen the light of day too many times that evening, he decided.

“Well, first we have get gas... or some kind of ride. And then get back to your house to see what’s happened to your family.”

“I think we can venture a pretty good guess at this point,” Jason nearly whispered. “If the Youthies or reversal pills aren’t counteracted in four hours, the user reverts to a baby.”

“Yes, I think we figured that out,” Susan shot back, with a hint of jovial sarcasm.

Jason blushed again.

“We need to get you something to wear too.”

“No kidding,” Jason lamented, yanking the annoying hunk of plastic up farther, which in turn landed his naked rear on the freezing commode seat once again. “There’s no way I’m going into the store like this.”

“I’ll go buy you something,” Susan quickly answered, standing up. For a second, time stopped and she had no choice but to marvel at the day’s events. Never in her most imaginative daydreams would she have envisioned this odd a scenario. But as she peered down at her bare, youthened cohort, she could only feel a warm sympathy, and yet, the notion still lingered in her mind that somehow they might get stuck this way. She knew full well that the only antidotes required to bring them back to their everyday selves were Youthies and reversal capsules, but she remained haunted by the prospect of permanancy in such bodies.

Prompted by Jason’s clearing his throat, Susan eventually snapped out of her mini-trance and opened the stall door, to go in search of the proper clothing. Stopping and turning back, she asked:

“So... um... what size... do you think... How old would you say you are?”

Jason dreaded the answer, but he observed himself once again to try to surmise his current age. After a hurried examination of himself, he replied:

“I’d say... somewhere in ‘Boys 6-10’,” he gulped.

Susan nodded and shut the door once again. Jason wandered off into the same realm Susan had visited moments earlier, wondering how so many things might go wrong simultaneously in one hellish evening. He thought of his sister’s arrogance. He thought of Mark, mixing all those components while he watching, incapacitated, from a playpen. All these musings took his mind off the fact that he forgot to lock the door.

Swinging open the stall door somewhat triumphantly, a little girl by the name Beth came face to face with Jason.

“Mommy!!!” she screamed at an alarming decibel level, “There’s a boy in da baffoom!!”

In the confusion of the moment, Jason let go of his grip on the all-important diaper as he raised his hands to try to motion the little girl to leave.

“And he’s nekidd!!”

“Baby, stop yelling. There are other people around. I’m sure he’s there for a reason,” Beth mother exclaimed, as she continued to rearranging her hair in one of the bathroom mirrors. “Leave him alone.”

“But Mommy, he’s a big kid! He shouldn’t be in da baffoom.”

She slammed the door closed, and Jason promptly slid the lock over.



It was inevitable. Jenna and Mr. Donnovan were rolling under the covers like animals. The transformation of Gary Donnovan from respectable, clean-cut teacher to a sex machine was the result of one simple drug, but a potent drug to be sure. For Gary, it was all too odd, and he felt as if he were having an out-of-body experience. For Jenna, it was bliss and heaven made flesh. Literally.

She didn’t know from what dark recess of her mind the thought came, but Jenna found herself wondering what it might be like to be older than her partner. The moment was everything she’d hoped for and more, but yet, she couldn’t help but think it might be even nicer with Mr. Donnovan as an even younger man.

At twenty-seven, Gary was a man of medium build with mostly sharp features, jet black hair, and abnormally long eyelashes for a male. He had a crew cut of sorts and kept his shave extremely close. From the look of it, one might peg him as a military man, but this was not the case. A pacifist on almost every front, Gary was simply a “neat” kind of guy, who favored order over spontaneity in most facets of his life (which was one of the reasons he so wondered how he’d ended taking a romp in the bed with this charity fundraiser girl).

While clutching the back of Gary’s head with her left hand, Jenna moved her right hand across the nightstand in search of her squirt gun. Soon the lump of plastic revealed itself and Jenna took a firm hold of it. Squeezing the trigger ever so slightly, she let a couple drops run down her lover’s side. Heavy in the heat of passion, he didn’t even notice (or possibly assumed it was just sweat). At that moment, he pulled Jenna closer toward him suddenly, and Jenna’s grip of the trigger tightened further, sending a gentle spray of the magical liquid onto Gary’s back. Only momentarily phased, Gary continued his lovemaking, and Jenna’s concerns about the squirt gun left her as soon as Gary started massaging her breasts as if possessed by the ghost of Don Juan.

”Oh Mr. Donnovan...” Jenna moaned.

The way in which Jenna said those few words awoke the curiosity in Gary once more. Images of his eager sophomore student Jenna Schaffer once again danced through his head as he marked the similarities between her and this wild twenty-something in his bed.

The Viagrosta was working overtime and Gary’s pores were moist with sweat. The passions welling inside him seemed unstoppable, almost unreal, as if he wasn’t even in control of his own limbs. All he wanted to do was give it to this girl. And so he did, pressing his lips against every part of her body that he could. Still lingering in the backdrop, though, was the thought: why am I doing this?!

Unbeknownst to Gary, his body was now undergoing changes of a sort he had not intended. The Youthie-laden water that beaded on his back had already started affecting his cellular structure, which was renewing itself now every second. The clock began slowly creeping backward for Mr. Donnovan, and his lust only intensified as time went on. The heat, the grinding, and the hormones going full blast, his mind was now totally preoccupied with sex. Jenna and Gary were now both twenty-five in body, though their mental ages remained divided by eleven years.

The light in the room was so dim that Jenna could only catch fleeting glimpses of her lover’s appearance, but the effects were readily observable in Gary’s rapidly increasing sex drive. Gary’s age was not resting comfortably at twenty-five, but neither was Jenna’s as the her reversal pills were just beginning to wear off. Gary’s changes were manifesting themselves more speedily, however, as he was already nearing his early twenties, a fact that he was starting to realize when he felt his feet hit Jenna’s shins. But still his brain was racing like a gazelle from the aphrodisiac and his body was strangely uncontrollable. As he crossed the line into his teens, he felt as if his sex drive gained another boost. Who am I, Sting all of the sudden?

”Oh Mr. Donnovan...” she uttered again. Why not call me Gary? was his first reaction. Still, he was finding it harder and harder to ignore the fact that he seemed smaller than Gloria somehow. But again Gloria’s aggressiveness took hold of his attentions and it was impossible to turn away. He cupped her breasts and gave her a kiss to end all kisses, one that lasted longer, it seemed, than anything either of them had experienced before. Their legs tangled like twine and their arms caressed each other’s sides. Jenna felt Gary’s hand glide down to her waist and then her thighs. The moment was pure heaven, except that Jenna had so easily forgotten...



Jason stared with humility at the clothing Susan had chosen for him as she held it up to him, just as Katherine had done to him when he was in first grade: a Frog Fighters T-shirt, a miniature pair of Ranglers, a pint-size pair of bright red underwear, socks, and little blue flip-flops.

”This is it?” Jason groaned, feeling simultaneously insulted and mildly amused.

”I’m afraid so. Besides, they’re about to close the store and I had to choose something.”

”Frog Fighters?” Jason looked up, disbelieving that there were no solid colored shirts at Shay’s Department store.

”Really. It’s all they had. Apparently, they’re really popular right now with the kids.”

”Well, I’m not a kid!” Jason once again denied his situation, though it was inescapable.

”I know you aren’t. And I’m not an old lady either. But for the time being, that’s what we look like, so we have to make due,” Susan reasoned.

”Well...?” Jason raised his eyebrows.


”Could you leave me alone while I put these on?”

”Oh yeah, I’m sorry...” Susan said, although she knew she’d already seen everything Jason had to offer. The entire day had been an education in the development of male anatomy. Textbook illustrations are one thing, but live examples are another.



Gary was growing more and more disconcerted and, strangely less and less interested in Jenna. She was still going at it with all her might, though, and Gary didn’t want to disappoint. But he knew something was very wrong about this moment, and more alarming still was this vague notion of becoming physically littler (not a handy feeling for any guy during sex). He kept rubbing her up and down though with everything he had.

But Jenna, who had been trying to make the experience last forever, was starting to feel strange. Strange about Gary. Strange about the situation. Strange about herself. And she couldn’t shake the feeling that something significant had slipped her mind. Growing impatient with herself, she sat up in bed and turned on the light on the nightstand. Lifting the covers, she put her hand over her mouth and nearly let out a scream. She was lying in bed with a ten-year-old boy!

Gary quickly came to his senses and squirmed out of bed.

”Mr. Donnovan! I--”


”I must have given you too much-- you’re-- you’re just a kid!”

”And you’re Jenna?! Jenna!” Gary was known for putting the pieces together without any help.

The sudden confusion and shock made Gary completely forget about his own nakedness. I slept with a student! I slept with a student! I SLEPT with a STUDENT! Gary couldn’t believe himself. But that scare was easily outdone when Gary took a good gander at himself. His penis had shrunk to its preadolescent stage and his pubic hair had vanished entirely, making him ready for the fourth grade again.

Jenna remained focused on his face, never imagining she would see her biology teacher at such a young age. His rugged good looks had faded into a kind of androgynous cuteness. His head no longer even reached the height of the lamp on the nightstand. Barely visible light-brown freckles lined his cheeks as he now resembled Beaver Cleaver in some respects.

”What did you do to me?!” he screamed with the shrill pitch of a child.

”I didn’t mean to-- I didn’t mean to--” the sentence wouldn’t complete itself. Jenna was too transfixed on what she’d done to her favorite teacher. She dropped her head in defeat. What could she have been thinking?

While Jenna was stranded on the border of tears, Gary was trying in vain to find a pair of underwear that fit. Rummaging through the drawers like a madman (or madboy), he tried on pair after pair in an almost comical fit of denial. Finally, he picked up his shirt from off the floor and slid it over his head like a large poncho. It hung to about his knees.

Still trying to find the words, Jenna began sobbing every time she caught a momentary view of the elementary school kid across the bedroom. Escaping her notice, of course, was her own recompense. Sixteen had been her original age -- the age nature had allowed her thus far. But the lack of Youthies within a four hour period was taking its toll, making her already younger than her initial age. Approaching thirteen, Jenna finally got a peek at herself through the cloudy tears.

”No!!” she yelled emphatically as she saw her sumptuous boobs loose their hang, “No!!” Gary turned around to see Jenna, clutching her breasts like prize diamonds. Once plump and well-rounded, they now stuck out like cones. But her efforts were all for naught, as she witnessed herself growing younger still. Soon her breasts shrank to mounds, then to mere lumps, then to nothing. When she flung the covers off, she could see her groin was now hairless as a babe’s as well. “No!! no!!! no!!!!!!” was all she kept repeating. Her wildest fantasy had given way to a most upsetting nightmare. She and Mr. Donnovan were both ten years old.