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Delphi Component

TSimpleVideo version 1.0
March 6, 2002


TSimpleVideo is a VCL component for Delphi.
With TSimpleVideo, you can add video display capability to your application.
TSimpleVideo allows you to play video streams from anywhere including AVI/Memory/Network,
decompress video on the fly, play at any speed, embeded window or induvidual window as you wish.

Download and try the demo version

Please Register the FULL functional version at the following URL:

Click here to register TSimpleVideo at


Click here to register TSimpleVideo at

You will receive the registered version by e-mail within 24 hours after registering.

TCompositeVideo v1.00 will be published soon.
TCompositeVideo canl process video and audio at the sametime.
Registered user for TSimpleVideo will receive free upgrade.




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