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Helicopters, Autogyros and VTOLs

Modelling Rotary Wing Craft in 1/72 Scale

All pictures and reviews, copyright A.C. Magnus.

Welcome to my site, dedicated to the building of rotor craft in 1/72 scale. In it, you will find pictures of helicopters, autogyros and other VTOL aircraft that I have built over the years. Most of the pictures are accompanied by brief notes, and a few feature reviews that provide a more extensive breakdown of what was done in building a kit. Hopefully my experiences will help others when it comes time to buy or build any of the kits seen here.

Reviews found on this site are all in .pdf format. To read them you will need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have a copy it can be obtained for free from the Adobe site. Just click on the Get Acrobat Reader button below. All .pdf documents have been generated from their original MS Word documents using free software from

For those wishing to do so, please feel free to link to my site. I have no restrictions on who can link here. As for the pictures and reviews contained herein, they are copyrighted and I do require notification if you wish to use them.

Updates to this site will be on an irregular basis and is totally dependent on demands for my time and what I can manage to build during the free time I get for my hobby.

I will accept mail to the address shown on the "Want List" page, but do not expect a reply unless your email is in regards to any of the items I'm looking for as listed on the "Want List" page. For me, building has a higher priority than answering email.


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