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Welcome to the Scratch and Sniff Sticker Museum!!
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Welcome to the museum! Inside you will find one of the largest collections of Scratch and Sniff stickers, related materials and information on the internet!!

In the late 1880's Scented cards (<--See card) were used as a form of advertising. You could sample the product by smelling the card. Sometime in the 1950's, 3M created a way to apply tiny glass bubbles filled with fragarance to paper. In 1974 3M would put this to the test in classrooms around the country by applying fragrance to stickers included in thier "Microfragrance Library Kits". This must have been a hit. In 1977, Creative Teaching Press would go one step farther by creating a series of round "Matte" RETAIL Scratch and Sniff stickers. Teachers loved the idea of rewarding thier students for a job well done. The lucky recipient would now have a sticker they could scratch and be continuously rewarded with a scent! By 1979, Trend Enterprises had joined the market with "Scratch 'N Sniff" Labels. a year later they would rename them "Stinky Stickers" and add many more scents. By 1982 there were tons of companies producing scented stickers!! In 1984 two major events occured: 1) The paper used was no longer "Matte" but changed to a glossy "Acid-Free" paper. This would prove fatal for thier archivel storage. Most would lose scent quickly. 2)The fad had all but died out thanks to "Garbage Pail Kids", and many companies got out of the sniff business. Stickers are still being made today by Trend, Eureka and a few others.

So whether you are new to the hobby or a seasoned collector, we believe you will find our museum both informative and enjoyable.

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