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Walkthrought of "Stranded Islands" (level by Snower) (walkthrought by Bjarni)

Be careful of the Sponge gruntz! Take with the white scroll and go three tilez alone from the shield gruntz and spell the scroll! Now kill him! Go back and hit the secret ? switch! Now go around the rock maze and watch out of the rolling rocks, ! Now take with the shovel and take the two coinz! Now go back and get the hidden coin! Walk on Right switch of the rolling rock and trigger the warp! Now protect the both rolling rockz! Now get the coin! Now trigger the warp, and then go to the green warp!

Now take with the yo-yo and press on the secret ? switch! After you did that, give the yo-yo to the enemy Boxing grunt! Don't pick up the warpstone yet, first kill the wing grunt! Take with his wingz and fly to get all the four coinz! Now take with the warpstone yet and give it to the king!