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Assignment name Rollo’s Gadgets & Widgets
Assigned Wednesday 6/19
City of Mundana
Assigned Monday 6/10
Table-based pages
Assigned Wednesday 6/5
What to do
  • Build a simple site that contains a few "button" images
  • Use JavaScript to create image "rollovers"
  • Use JavaScript to create a dynamic menu
  • Build two pages: mundana.html and library.html
  • No CSS required
  • Link to mundana.html from your index page
  • Build an index page (you could call it indext.html) with a navigation menu on the left side. Use table cells to create the layout.
  • Use a transparent GIF to control the size of "empty" cells.
  • Use CSS to control the appearance of text.
  • Now use the index page as a template to create three more pages.
What you’ll need
Finished page(s)

See the “cheat sheets” linked to the instructions.