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90 special characters for HTML

Character Entity Example Description Character Entity Example Description
&lt; < The less-than symbol &gt; > The greater-than symbol
&amp; & The ampersand symbol &quot; " The double-quote symbol
&nbsp;   A non-breaking space &#8226; Bullet
&copy; © Circled C, copyright sign &reg; ® Circled R, registered trademark
&para; Paragraph sign &sect; § Section sign
&cent; ¢ Cent (currency) &euro; Euro (currency)
&pound; £ Pound (currency) &yen; ¥ Yen (currency)
&iexcl; ¡ Inverted exclamation mark (Spanish) &iquest; ¿ Inverted question mark (Spanish)
&laquo; « Left angle quotes (guillemot) &raquo; » Right angle quotes (guillemot)
&#8216; Left single curly quote &#8217; Apostrophe; right single curly quote
&#8220; Left double curly quote &#8221; Right double curly quote
&times; × Multiplication sign &divide; ÷ Division sign
&deg; ° Degree sign &micro; µ Micron sign
&plusmn; ± Plus-or-minus sign &szlig; ß sz ligature (German)
&AElig; Æ capital AE diphthong (ligature) &aelig; æ small AE diphthong (ligature)
&Aacute; Á capital A, acute accent &aacute; á small A, acute accent
&Acirc; Â capital A, circumflex accent &acirc; â small A, circumflex accent
&Agrave; À capital A, grave accent &agrave; à small A, grave accent
&Aring; Å capital A, ring &aring; å small A, ring
&Atilde; Ã capital A, tilde &atilde; ã capital A, tilde
&Auml; Ä capital A, dieresis or umlaut mark &auml; ä small A, dieresis or umlaut mark
&Ccedil; Ç capital C, cedilla &ccedil; ç small C, cedilla
&ETH; Ð capital Eth, Icelandic &eth; ð small eth, Icelandic
&Eacute; É capital E, acute accent &eacute; é small E, acute accent
&Ecirc; Ê capital E, circumflex accent &ecirc; ê small E, circumflex accent
&Egrave; È capital E, grave accent &egrave; è small E, grave accent
&Euml; Ë capital E, dieresis or umlaut mark &euml; ë small E, dieresis or umlaut mark
&Iacute; Í capital I, acute accent &iacute; í small I, acute accent
&Icirc; Î capital I, circumflex accent &icirc; î small I, circumflex accent
&Igrave; Ì capital I, grave accent &igrave; ì small I, grave accent
&Iuml; Ï capital I, dieresis or umlaut mark &iuml; ï small I, dieresis or umlaut mark
&Ntilde; Ñ capital N, tilde &ntilde; ñ small N, tilde
&Oacute; Ó capital O, acute accent &oacute; ó small O, acute accent
&Ocirc; Ô capital O, circumflex accent &ocirc; ô small O, circumflex accent
&Ograve; Ò capital O, grave accent &ograve; ò small O, grave accent
&Oslash; Ø capital O, slash &oslash; ø small O, slash
&Otilde; Õ capital O, tilde &otilde; õ small O, tilde
&Ouml; Ö capital O, dieresis or umlaut mark &ouml; ö small O, dieresis or umlaut mark
&THORN; Þ capital Thorn (TH), Icelandic &thorn; þ small thorn (th), Icelandic
&Uacute; Ú capital U, acute accent &uacute; ú small U, acute accent
&Ucirc; Û capital U, circumflex accent &ucirc; û small U, circumflex accent
&Ugrave; Ù capital U, grave accent &ugrave; ù small U, grave accent
&Uuml; Ü capital U, dieresis or umlaut mark &uuml; ü small U, dieresis or umlaut mark
&Yacute; Ý capital Y, acute accent &yacute; ý small Y, acute accent

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