70s invasion ; Rare Glam Rock ; REDDY TEDDY, JOOK, SWEET, *

updated as of oct 25th '04

REDDY TEDDY debut 45 of '74 !! Very Rare *

REDDY TEDDY, a boston glam band who had an lp in '76 along the lines of ALICE COOPER, and MOTT the HOOPLE

see page 4 for reviews, this rare single 'NOVELTY SHOES/GOO GOO EYES' came out in '74 and is said to sound like SWEET, and T.REX....*..*.


THE FRENCHIES, a french glam band who had an lp in '74 sounds like the DOLLS, and the STOOGES

GREAT excert from VNN.org......PLEASE READ NOW -

"In the present day also, people all over the world may join together in the Krsna consciousness movement and protest against the present degraded governments of the world's godless societies, which are based on all kinds of sinful activities. The Srimad Bhagavatam states that in the age of Kali, thieves, rogues and fourth-class people who have neither education nor culture capture the seats of governments to exploit the citizens. This is a sympton of Kali-yuga that has already appeared. People cannot feel secure about their lives and property, yet the so-called governments continue, and its ministers get fat salaries, although they are unable to do anything good for society. The only rememdy for such conditions is to enhance the sankirtana movement under the banner of Krsna consciousness and protest against the sinful activities of all the world's governments.

"This Krsna consciousness movement is not a sentimental religious movement; it is a movement for the reformation of all the anomalies of human society.

If people take to it seriously, discharging this duty scientifically, as ordered by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, the world will see peace and prosperity instead of being confused and hopeless under useless governments.

There are always rogues and thieves in human society, and as soon as a weak government is unable to execute its duties, these rogues and thieves come out to do their business. Thus the entire society becomes a hell unfit for gentlemen to live in. There is an immediate need for a good government - a government by the people, with Krsna consciousness. Unless the masses of people become Krsna conscious, they cannot be good men. The Krsna consciousness movement that Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu started by chanting the Hare Krsna mahamantra still has potency. Therefore people should understand it seriously and scientifically and spread it all over the world."

Srila Prabhupada wrote his books NOT ONLY for mass public distribution, but for the devotees to read AND UNDERSTAND PROPERLY the purport. Thus, we must learn to apply these words, NOT ONLY OUTSIDE the walls of ISKCON, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, WITHIN.

As a last thought, here is this:

From The Parasara samhita 1.30, "In the Kali yuga, piety is conquered by impiety; truth, by falsehood; kings, by their servants; and men, by women.

SWEET / JOOK tour poster

This tour was supposed to have taken place in '74 with JOOK supporting SWEET on tour, well it never happened, that makes this poster unique !