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Dear Isbell Academy Community,

WE (Parents, Volunteers, Teachers, Staff, Board of Directors, Volunteer Advisory Board, etc.) have a most important job before us. WE must educate those students who have learning disabilities, and/or are performing below grade level. They have a little trouble performing in a traditional classroom. WE must first adhere to the philosophy that ALL students can learn. WE must not accept NO as an answer. WE must be diligent in our efforts to reach these students. WE must not be satisfied until we have accomplished the task of getting the students to performing at or above grade level. WE must first see this calling as a ministry to TEACH. WE must second focus on the student’s self-esteem and attitude. WE must HELP the parents/guardians be the best they can be. WE must see the individual student, not the class. WE must set the bar of expectation high and BELIEVE the student will meet or exceed our expectations. They will EVERYTIME.

I challenge you to change your way of thinking. I challenge you to be open to the possibilities that exist for the success of the Isbell Academy students. I challenge you to help create an atmosphere of “I CAN” in each student. I challenge you to all seek “CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT” in yourself and our students.

Sincerely with love,

Mrs. Janice Mitchell Isbell

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