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Janice Isbell grew up in Beaumont, Texas (Janice Marie Mitchell). She attended schools in the Beaumont Independent School District. She graduated from Charlton-Pollard High School in 1974. She has always felt that the education afforded some students is substandard. She has always wanted to do something to assist the children who are not given the proper tools to be successful in life. She defines successful as being able to provide an adequate living for yourself and your family. Her parents always encouraged her to learn as much as she can. She was always told to do her best, not necessarily be the best. She married Mr. Irvin Lee Isbell in June 2001. Their son (Irvin, Jr.) was born in June 2004. She considers marrying Irvin and having Irvin, Jr. the two biggest accomplishments in her life.

Mrs. Isbell has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. She has a Master of Science degree in Engineering Management from the University of Missouri in Rolla, Missouri. In 1982 Mrs. Isbell was laid off a job for which she flew across the country doing environmental testing. During the time after the layoff and before she would get another Engineering job, she served as a substitute teacher. She was appalled how some teachers had very low expectations for some students. She has served as a tutor (as a volunteer and in a paid capacity) for more than 30 years. She has had remarkable success in teaching students how to master a subject for which they had struggled in the past. She feels The Academy is needed to reach out to those students needing remediation. Those students are at risk of dropping out, flunking out, or getting put out.

Mrs. Isbell has more than thirty (30) years of experience in tutoring students. She founded the Math and Science Academy, Inc. (a tutorial firm) in November 2000 to assist high school students in the fields of Math and Science. Since that time, she has developed MSA to help all students, in all grades, and in all subjects. She has assisted college students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Education is one of her passions. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Education - Exceptional Student Education at Northcentral University (

Her other passion is public speaking. She has enhanced her leadership and communication skills as a member of International Training in Communication (formerly Toastmistress Clubs). She has been a member for more than twenty (25) years.

Now to more joys in her life.
We have new additions to our family:
a beautiful daughter-in-law - BREANA ELISE ISBELL;
and three grand-children:
Candace, Irvin III, and Immanuel.

If your are interested in helping educate a student at JMIA,

For more information about workshop presentations, etc, visit her web site PROFESSIONAL SERVICES, INC.

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