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Selena's Performance at the Astrodome

On Sunday, February 26,1995, Selena performed at the Astrodome in Houston,Texas as part of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo's Go Tejano Day. It was her third Astrodome concert in a row. In 1993 she performed for the rodeo in front of 57,894 fans setting the record for the largest Tejano concert attendance. A year later in 1994 Selena performed at the Astrodome for a crowd of 60,948 fans, breaking the attendance record she herself already set. In 1995 when Selena made her 3rd and final Astrodome appearance, she drew in a crowd of 61,041, breaking her previous 2 records and setting the record for the 2nd largest Astrodome concert.

For her concert Selena was carried up to the stage in a white horse-drawn carriage.She entered the arena in her now legendary purple, sparkly, bell bottomed disco suit that she designed. Selena danced and sang her heart out, switching back and forth between english and spanish.Selena bagan the concert with a medly of some of her favorite disco songs then went on to sing some of her greatest hits.The concert lasted 60 minutes.

Some people think that the Astrodome appearance was Selena's last concert. It wasn't. After the Astrodome concert, Selena played Miami's Calle Ocho Festival on March 11, the Tejano Rodeo on March 16, Alamodome's Teach The Children Festival, and she gave her final live performance at the Chicago Amphitheatre on March 19. But, the 1995 Houston performance has gone on to be legendary. In 1999, the entire concert will be released on home video.

There was talk about the outfit becoming a permanent display in Washington D.C's American History Museum but the Quintanilla's refused to donate it, but they did make another permanent Selena donation to the museum. The purple disco suit found a permanent home on display at the Q-Productions Selena Museum in Corpus Christi.