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Plane Pictures

Early Warlord Crew

Warlord,call sign Adlib

"Spectre Song"

Fly high you mighty Spectre, you ship of blazing fools Deal death around the table, and never play by rules Lift up your wings at suns last ray, and silent like the night Fly East to where your target lies, and start your deadly fight Your foes will not suspect you're near, until they feel your sting Spit forth a flame that points at death, and make your bullets sing Though flak explode around you, stay on your circled path Bathe the bad in bloody steel, make them feel your wrath When all is quiet down below, and flames reach for the sky Speed home you battle-weary ship, for soon the dark will fly Speed home you mighty Spectre, touch down at sun's first ray You've flown to hell for battle, but shun the light of day Rest, rest you awesome Spectre, lick your battle wounds And fill your side with deadly store for night is coming soon.

Crew Members
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