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Ronnie L. Hensley

CMS - Air Force - Regular 30 year old Single, caucasian, male Born on June 08, 1948 From Richwood, West Virginia Tour began on April 22, 1970 Hostile, died while missing FIXED WING - CREW
AIR LOSS, CRASH ON LAND Panel 11W -- Line 36 Rank: E5 Unit:  16th Special Operations Squadron
Ubon Airbase, Thailand Coordinates:  154400N 1065100E (XC990410)
Status in 1973:  Missing in Action
Category:  2
Acft/vehicle/ground:  AC130A

"Little Barefoot Boy"
He had a pair of cowboy boots
that he wore very thin,
playing hide and seek
with soldiers made of tin.
He grew tall and went to school
penny loafers were the thing,
soon he fell in love,
to his girl he gave his ring.
Then he wore a pair of boots
that laced up very high,
he walked in a foreign land
where he had to fight or die.
Now he walks that land above
in sandals made of love,
he gave his life to save the life,
of a little barefoot boy.

Picture of Ronnie
Ronnie's Bracelet
The Story
Crew Members
Warlord Bio. (download)

I have worn Ronnie's bracelet for almost twenty years and I
always wondered if he made it home.  I found what I
didn't want to know.  Ronnie has been in my heart longer
than my own family and I want Joe to know that I
pray for their family everyday.  May God keep you safe until your family is together again.
I love you Ronnie...



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