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The Loutsis's


I have found the other greek last name in our family and it is Ferlalices......Welcome to my Loutsis family web page. Here is some information about my family. It all started around the 1900's when Alfonzo Aronica and Antonia pasterello had five kids.. Sam, Tony, Antonia, Grace, and Carl.. Alfonzo and Antonia where from Sicily,Italy. The first Aronica in the U.S. was Sam Aronica, later he sent for his brother Tony. Sam and Tony worked and settled on a farm at Levering, Washington. Along the banks of the beautiful Columbia river. There they had fruit orchards, and grape vineyards, and vegetables in their garden. then soon after he was responsible for getting his whole family to America..There daughter Antonia came to the united states with her brothers in 1914..

a few years later in the U.S. she meet Louis Loutsis ( he is from Kalavryta ) after a while they got married and had 11 kids(the first generation in the U.S.): Alexander, Sophia, Ashema, Nick, Georgina, Mary, Chris, John, Tony, Anna, and Josie.. Alexander had five kids with Mary Helen Taylor( the second generation in the U.S.): Linda, Mary helen, Geogia, Arthur, and sally.. Alexander worked for the navy as an electrician in the phillippine Islands where he worked on planes during the viet nam conflict. Arthur had three kids(the thrid generation in the U.S.): Darcy, Susan, and Alexander.. And now Darcy has a daughter (the fourth generation in the U.S.) named Samantha.. Linda is now married to Joe,and together they have one daughter named Angela. Linda also has four other kids from when she was married to Brian Hunter: Greg, Jeff, Rusty, and Paul..

To me being a Greek/Italian is so cool, because Greece is one of the oldist counrtys in Eruope.. And at one poitn in time they where the smartist people on earth.. When i get older im going to travel to Greece and Italy, that has been my dream. To go to the place my family was from. too see what they saw, to do what they have done, and so on.. I have found out what village my family is from, it is called Calaverta. But i couldn't find anything about it on the web. If you have heard or seen stuff about this place please e-mail me befor you go, thanks it will help me alot..

So if anyone reading this knows more about my family please e-mail me so that we can chat about our family history, thanks..

Chris Loutsis named Duvall 'Citizen of theYear'

Chris Loutsis, longtime Duvall area resident, has been named 1997 Citizen of the Year by the Duvall Chamber of Commerce. A banquet in Chris's honor will be held March 25, 6:30 p.m. in the Commons area of Cedarcrest High School. Everyone is invited to attend, but reservations are required. The dinner choices will be prime rib or fettuccini primavera. Cost for each dinner is $18. Contact a chamber officer, or call the Chamber Hotline at 788-8384.

Hellenic National Anthem

Oh, divinely restored, By the lights of thine eyes And the light of thy Sword

From the graves of our slain Shall thy valour prevail As we greet thee again

Hail, Liberty! Hail!

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