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Weather Control/Modification

Who's In Control God or Man?

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Weather Control/Modification

Written by Howard M. Lance

Strange weather conditions are capturing headlines of world news media's. These unusual events are happening with increased frequency and with increased intensity. Tremendous changes over the past decade have occurred. In 1998 4,000 people died in earthquakes, freak ice storms caused death as well as power outages, the drought and heat wave destroyed crops and killed tens of thousands of live stock, just the wild fires in Florida burnt a half million acres, two hurricanes pounded the east coast. Flooding in South America caused the deaths of 11,000, a tidal wave in the Pacific killing 3,000.

In 1999, New York broke heat records, Europe was battered by what France called the worst storm in history, leaving a wake of death and destruction, 30,000 people died. In Italy a plane crashed becaused of high winds. Millions made a mass exit in total fear of the category five hurricane Floyd that passed off shore of Florida, moving on up the coast dumping flood waters on North Carolina. Seventeen major earthquakes, 7.0 magnitude or greater killing almost 22,000 people. Jan., Cambodia 1,500, Aug. Turkey 17,000 people killed, Sept. Greece and Southern Mexico 140 dead, two weeks latter Taiwan 2,300 killed, Nov. Turkey again claiming 500 more lives.

Yes my friends we hear more and more about Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Floods, Hurricanes and all manner of natural disaster. Just stop and think of all the tornadoes in recent years. Glaziers are melting all over the world. Twelve hundred square miles Antarctic has meltel since March 1998. Sea levels are rising as shorelines are receding.

The cover of Popular Science Magazine in September 1995 read:

"Hurricane Alert Killer Storms Are Coming. . . Exclusive: The Secret Agenda of a Military Project in Alaska"

Popular Science was reporting on a project called "HAARP" Anyone unfamilar with this project may want to get a book called "Angels Don't Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology," by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning, the ISBN is 0-9648812-0-9.

Our mainstream media,the liberal (Marxist)press blames these weather changes on mother nature, acts of God, El Nino, global warming or pollution of the atmosphere. Most of mainstream media knowingly overlook the "fact" that the U.S. Military has been conducting weather experiments for many years now.

Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL, is the Air Force's home for professional military education. In August of 1996 a research study titled "Weather as a force multiplier" outlined how the U.S. can "own the weather" by the year 2025. Please click on the report and read it for yourslef.Weather as a Force Multiplier

Up until recently, weather has always been a natural phenomena. If we move forward, as it appears we are, in this weather control/modification it should be very cautiously, as not to create problems we can not readily solve. Richard Williams, a physical chemist, questions the effects of HAARP in the September 1995 issue of Popular Science. "HAARP will dump enormous amounts of energy into the upper atmosphere. We don't know what will happen. My concern is its effect on a global scale - you can't localize the effects. With experiments on this scale, irreparable damage could be done in a short time. The immediate need is for open discussion. To do otherwise would be an act of global vandalism."

Obviously I'm not the only one who feels we should move very carefully in these matters. Let us not forget the headline of that same Popular Science issue "HURRICANE ALERT" "KILLER STORMS ARE COMING". Yes and killer storms, unusual storms from hurricanes, killer tornadoes, snow storms, terrible thunder and lighting storms with unusually heavy downpours causing floods. We most certainly have seen some very strange weather in the past few years.

"A series of weather disasters began in 1960, according to a CIA report mentioned in the editorial, but at the time climatologists couldn't look ahead and see that droughts, floods and abnormal temperatures would continue beyond that decade. As if natural disasters weren't bad enough, the CIA reported that national governments were already able to manipulate weather for military purposes. The editorialist had an impertinent thought: 'It is difficult to read the CIA report without wondering whether some of the climatic aberrations in recent years may not have been part of military experimental programs.'" From the book "Angels Don't Play This HAARP," page 77.

One can only ask where is our so-called free press? Why aren't they keeping the general public, their readers informed on these facts of "weather modification"? Most Americans don't have a clue of what's happening in this area. Futhermore the average man knows little or nothing about Tesla Technology. Everyone has heard of Thomas Edison, but few of Nikola Tesla. Yet Tesla was perhaps a genius far ahead of his time. We have all heard the term "Stat Wars Weapons," but to few of Tesla's "Death Ray". Tesla announced it in 1940.

It is "Tesla Technology" being used by project HAARP. This tecnology, research can steer the upper atmosphere, it can move what's commonly known as the jet stream. This (modification) can thereby change weather patterns from one area to another. To make matters even worse, the United States is not alone in this weather control/modification technology and research. Russian and other governments are involved in their own research projects. Could it be that the one that controls the earth's weather could one day control earth's governments?

By no means is weather the only result of Tesla technology, earthquakes and volcanic action can be created, induced with this same HAARP technology. It certainly leads one to wonder if these strang weather phenomena is an act of God, mother nature or perhaps the acts of (man) governments out of control?

"Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values, this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under close surveillance and control. Technical and scientific momentum would then feed on the situation it exploits." Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Advisor to President Cater. Brzezinski predicted a "more controlled and directed society."

Jet Contrails

There have been many people around the country becoming ill after being exposed to a heavy concentration of these jet contrails. It is a widely held belief that these contrails are causing upper respiratory problems, liver and kidney troubles. Many people are also worried about ethylene dibromide, a highly toxic component of JP-8 jet fuel.

A 1998 United States Air Force study has shown that crew chiefs "have more colds, more bronchitis, more chronic coughs than the people not exposed to jet fuel." This can only leave one to ask, what's going here? And again we must ask where is mainstream media? If they are a "free press," where are their reports on these matters?

We have to wonder about these contrails and just what are the reasons for them. Are these jet contrails weather modification by cloud seeding, can it be that these mass of clouds left behind (cloud cover)be a sheild from unwanted eyes in the sky far above? Perhaps a book written by Leonard A. Cole, Ph.D. "Clouds of Secrecy" (ISBN number is 0847675793)can give us some answers. The book is about the Army's germ warfare tests over populated areas where our government has used "we the people" as guinea pigs. Do you think our government today is so good and honest that they won't do that anymore?

How many of you reading this can remember the experiments on the American public in the New York city subway system? How about the experiments in Calif., causing at least one known death? One must ask the question: is the National Security Agency (NSA) serving our security by experimenting on "we the people," to see if we become sick or die? What is happening here? Who's serving whom?

Many scientists of today believe Mars once had an atmosphere much like Earth's. However, they are unable to explain how Mars lost that earth-like atmosphere and why. Which brings me back to "Angels Don't Play This HAARP." I remember reading a story in the book about a so-called scientist who wanted to poke a hole in the ionosphere. When asked why his reply was "to see what happens." Isn't that just a "little" insane? Then again organizations, like people, can go insane. Just take a hard look at the NSA. Can you just imagine all the insane projects covered up under a blanket of national security.

For more on these jet contrails, please read this report from Environment News Service: Contrails Mystify, Sicken Americans

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