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Joe Spot Art
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GI Photo Joe
World War II Combat Photographer

GI Photo Joe
Original photo by Sam Rosenfeld - International Combat Camera Association, Inc.

Welcome to the GI Photo Joe web site; it is here that reality blends with the imaginary with a bit of fun mixed in.  My intent is not to mislead the viewer into thinking that these images are actual combat photos - they were manipulated to entertain the action figure enthusiast.

The goal of the action figure photographer is to set up scenes and try to make them appear as though they were actual combat photos.  My approach to photographing action figures is different; I find actual combat photos and combine them with action figures through the use of image-editing software.  This technique produces images that are not intended to disrespect or make light of the soldiers and photographers that served in World War II.

Photo Joe's Gallery is a portfolio of images taken by GI Photo Joe.  You will recognize some of the images as they have come to epitomize World War II combat photography.  Original photo credit is given on each page and a control number is listed, so that you can locate the original image.  The Photographer's Gallery showcases images taken by other "combat" photographers.  The Military Photographers gallery contains images of real combat photographers.  Photo Tips provides advice on how to take a realistic approach to photographing action figures.  Joe & I chronicles my photographic evolution with GI Joe.  Saving Private Joe is an action figure spoof of the poster from the movie, Saving Private Ryan.  Finally, Links lists Web sites that provided information or inspiration for this site.


My Dad
This site is dedicated to my dad, Daniel N. Shindelbower, a veteran of World War II.


Special Thanks to Donnie Shearer, President of The International Combat Camera Association, for allowing me to manipulate Sam Rosenfeld's photo.
Thanks to Sam Alexander for rejuvenating my interest in action figures.
This site would not have been possible without the support and advice from Kevin Coffield, Linda James, Mike McCormick & Tom Wright.

M1 Garrand Rifle, Grenade & U.S. Flag - 21st Century Toys, Inc.
Spot art photos courtesy of The National Archives, NWDNS-18-E-5114 & NWDNS-111-SC-190597.
G.I. Joe action figure & cameras - Hasbro, Inc.
Joe's uniform - The Ultimate Soldier, 21st Century Toys, Inc.

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