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"Howdy" everyone and thanks for stopping by to visit The Chumley's family web page!

You will soon notice that we're absolutely........

H O R S E    C R A Z Y !!!!!!!!

I have always loved horses and about 8 years ago I was able to buy my very first horse. After growing up with friends that owned horses, I always wanted to have one of my own but never imagined that I ever would. Randy and I feel very, very, fortunate to have three horses now. Horses are truly majestic creatures and everyone needs to experience the thrill of riding a horse. They are so noble and amazing. It's an incredible feeling to view the world on the back of a horse. You will see life and nature in a way you've never known before.

This web site was created merely just for fun and as a way to let family and friends see first hand what it's like at Triple R Ranch. We will continually update this page with many horse related links to assist those of you who have a passion for horses as we do.

Please be sure to sign our guest book before leaving! We would love to hear from other horse enthusiast like us!!!

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