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This page is for our boy "Ozzie"

Ozzie is a CKC registered black/white longcoat chihuahua. He came from a breeder in Dallas Texas. He was born Dec. 20, 2005. He arrived February 18, 2006. We found Ozzie on When I saw his picture I fell in love with him. Ozzie was originally named Pooh Bear. But we named him for Ozzie Guillen manager of the World Series Champions "Chicago White Sox". (Because he has white paws) After speaking to Terri his owner/breeder she told me about his personality. I just knew he would be a big part of our family. He is the light of our life at this time. He is a fiesty and loving little guy who follows me everywhere I go. I cook he sits on my feet. I watch t.v. he sits beside me. I work on the computer and he sleeps at my feet or in my lap. He is part of our family and he knows it! Ozzie has his very own Godmother. She is Kathleen Parks of Georgia. Kathleen and her husband Mike and daughter Bethany have been previous puppy buyers from us in the past. Kathleen since then has become a very dear friend. She makes a great godmother for she truly loves her chi babies. And I know she would be a great person to trust as Ozzie's mom if necessary.

Ozzie's newborn picture
Born 12/20/2005

Terri was so kind as to send this picture
of Ozzie to us when he was a newborn.

Ozzie when I first saw him online
Isn't he just the cutiest little guy.

Ozzie at our home

This picture was taken after Ozzie came to
live with us. He was 10 weeks old here.

Ozzie at 12 weeks old

As you can tell by this picture
he is pretty active. His eyes are so black
they have blue coloring to them when in the light.

Ozzie at 18 months old

Ozzie has now become our little boy!
He is priceless and so loved.
He thinks he is the boss now.