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Meet Our Vocalists

Beth Wilcox-Lake

The youngest daughter of the late Rev Harold Wilcox and Lois Wilcox-Potts, worships the Lord with singing, song writing, and teaching. A great heritage of ministry has been passed to her through her parents, the founders of the Wilcox Family Ministries. She has been married to Mike Lake, bass player, for 16 years. Her rendition of several songs will leave you feeling as if she is ministering just to you.

Charlene Quick

Charlene, a Wilcox grand-daughter, serves Christ through playing the keyboard, singing, and song writing. She also has a heritage passed to her for music and ministry from her parents. She is married to Greg Quick, lead guitarist/steel player. The songs she has written will move you to new heights in the Lord.

Chasity Barton

Chasity, our newest member, is no stranger to gospel music. She started singing for the Lord at the age of seven and traveled as a soloist until recently joining the family. She fills her place well, as she truly displays an annointing on her life to render music unto the Lord. She is the daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Al Barton.

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