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Corey's Tug-Of-War Page!!!!

Corey's Tug-Of-War Page!!!!

Welcome to my Tug-Of-War page. On this page you will find pictures and a bit of info about the picture. Enjoy!!!

Tug-Of-War is a very challenging sport, where strategy is a main factor in it. I hope u enjoy these picz and you learn more about the sport!!!

(Under each picture there is a little information about it.)


This is Blue Water, a team from Canada. They pulled in Rochester Mn. But in this pic i think they are pulling in Switzerland.

The picture is of the 1996 Canadian team competing at the Hay Days competition on June 29th in Zurich, Ontario. The team was preparing for the World Tug-of-War Championships held in September at Slagharen near Zwole, the Netherlands. My dad is the third one from the right.

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